The scarf

Things are finally working around here (referring to the computer issues earlier) and I found my summer scarf set.
I’m trying to get all my summer sets posted before fall.
It’s getting chillier during the night but not yet cold.
Still possible to wear shorts so I’m making the most of mine.
But when it gets colder why not add a summer scarf.
It looks good and it keeps your neck warm!
The top is from, a very popular online store according to the Polyvore users.
Shorts form Vila and stunning boots from
Another popular online store among Polyvore members.
Bracelet clutch by Maison Martin Margiela and scarf from Faliero Sarti.
Love the clutch by the way!
The scarf


Today is another amazing summer day, there’s just no end to this season.
I’m trying to pick out the sets that has the most summer feel and get them out there before it’s too late. And this set is certainly one of them.
I’m getting more and more excited about fall fashion as I see new items entering the stores.
But I have to say, so much old news this season.
A lot of the trends we’ve seen the past few season are still around.
Great news for your wallet, and you can style some of your summer clothes for fall.
Or simply use last years items.
Ton-i-ton, the title of this set, means that it’s all in the same color.
Sort of like tone-in-tone.Might not make more sense at all though.
I’ll be back with one more set later on today.
Stay tuned and be excited! (humor intended)

Floral dream

Summer is still gracing us with its presence.
Today has been yet another warm and sunny day and we’re still tip toeing around in our summer sandals.
Embracing and enjoying every minute as if summer was never to return again.
And most likely the summer we’ve seen this year will not return next year.
We’ve had temperatures we never experience this far north.
Usually we get a week with okay weather and then maybe another week later on in the season. But this year the entire season has been amazing.
Like a never-ending story, and it doesn’t seem to want to end yet.
After a few days of heavy rainfall, the sun is once again shining like only the sun can.
Some claim that this is the future, that global warming will make summertime warmer.
And a lot of people applaud that fact, but it’s not only glory.
In some areas they’ve had water restrictions this season, unheard of just a year ago.
And most of us know that warmer weather brings a lot of different problems for both animals and planet, and eventually mankind.
In the meantime I’m making the most of my summer clothing, while wandering around in my sandals.
Life is great.
Have a great weekend everyone!
Floral dream


The sun is back and we can yet again enjoy some nice summer weather.
So to make the most of it I’m putting on a summer dress.
But this late in the season the weather can change in an instant so I’m not leaving the house without bringing a jacket or coat.
Purple is my favorite color but I hardly have any purple items in my closet.
I need to do something about that fact.
I especially love darker purple and the color is always a great pick for a fall wardrobe.
But summer is still here and this time I’ve chosen a nice lavender shade of purple.
This dress is from Miss Selfridge and it has the A-line shape that is a trend we’ll see the coming season.
So bring this dress with you into fall, just add a nice knitted sweater and the dress becomes a great fall skirt.

Stripe Hype

This set was one of my sets featured on the Polyvore main page this summer.
I love this outfit, even more so than the one Olivia Palermo is wearing.
I believe we’ll be seeing a lot of checks and stripes throughout the next season also.
As well as a lot of white.
Summer is coming to an end soon, the awesome weather we’ve had has now turned into rain, loads of rain.
The temperatures are good though so I’m spending these final summer days wearing skirts, but paired with long sleeves. Just like in this set.
Stripe Hype

Blue Moments

It’s still shorts weather but today it would be wise to bring along a cardigan as well.
These metallic blue shorts looks amazing paired with this awesome top from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Looks like a golfer top or something my grandfather would wear back in the 70’s.
But it’s still fabulous.
My grandfather had that print on his socks I recall.
This outfit is really blue, and why not go head to toe in one color.
It gives a more dramatic look and it can be very refreshing if you choose a bold color.
Blue Moments

Ready to Rock

This set was made for a contest, the theme was ‘what you would wear to a party with Beyoncé and Jay-z’.
And this is my choice.
I want to look stylish but cool.
What do you think?
The sleeveless blouse from Petar Petrov is a favorite of mine, it brings that extra to any outfit.
But you can get the same effect by wearing a white top and tie a slim scarf around your neck.
A great way to add some color to an outfit.
The leather shorts comes from Mango at a price anyone can afford.
And again with the dots, this time on the pumps.
Pumps from Moschino.
Ready to Rock