Little red

Little red



First Frost

The second day with frost now. It’s gotten really cold and it’s time to dig out all your chunky sweaters, knitted scarfs and beanies. Vintage sweater from Issey Miyake, jeans from Dsquared2, suede boots from Joie Ciera, Annabel Ingall tote, scarf from Lanvin and beanie from Barefoot dreams. First Frost


The winter blues

I’ve been absent a while now. The idea was to take a short break from the internet and devote my time to family only during the holidays. It’s evolved into a long break and time spent on myself. Sometimes we need to unplug and get to know ourselves again. I’ve spent so much time online I’ve forgotten what I’m all about. I’ve spent 2016 rediscovering myself. I believe most of us have memories of things we loved to do, but we don’t do them anymore. I wanted to know why that is, is it because I no longer love doing those things or did I simply lose it along the way. I’m also travelling for winter break. Not far, just to visit my family in Oslo. So I don’t know when I’ll be back posting daily , if ever. For now I wish everyone a great new week, use it well!The winter blues


Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials


Ice blue

It’s cold and it’s beautiful. So I wanted to make a set inspired by the freezing weather we’re having right now. I love to pair a knitted turtleneck with a pencil skirt. It looks fabulous. And going to and from you’ll be nice and warm in this lovely fur collar coat. Though, if the roads are icy I think I’d put the heels in my bag and wear something that does not put your limbs at riskIce blue


Purple coat

Hello and happy 2016! Sorry for vanishing the earth. I haven’t even opened my computer since New Year’s eve. We all need a break sometimes.
 It’s winter alright. It’s been snowing for weeks and it just won’t stop, but I’m loving it! We’ve had a long cold period as well. Very cold. All the way down at minus 20 degrees Celsius. It’s still cold though, just not as much. I hate to freeze but I love the cold, so it’s all about how you dress. Make sure to stay warm,!!Purple coat


Christmas cookie

Featuring today; brown and blue.
A color combination I really like is brown and blue. And look at those cookies!! I have no clue how they make the color blue but I guess google knows, and I have gingerbread left to decorate. This is a great look for going Christmas shopping, especially if you don’t shop at a mall. It’ll keep you nice and warm and looking great.Christmas cookie