Get casual

We’ve had an awful summer this year and now it’s over. Fingers crossed that next year will be better. It’s a long wait though.
Fall is actually my favourite time of year, though it’s always nicer when leaving a great summer behind.
Usually we also leave behind all the pretty floral prints come season change, but not this season. Floral prints are super trendy this fall. I think it’s great, this is the year we truly need to bring a bit of summer with us into the darker seasons.
And why not allow your summer dress to last a wee bit longer as well. Bring it with you into fall by wearing it with sneakers or boots. Add a scarf and you’ll look casual, cool and trendy.

Get casual



One minute at a time

Today I’m doing sleeveless looks. One trend this season is just one sleeve, or shoulder but I’ll be getting back to that later. For now I’m all over the sleeveless trend starting with this very casual look below. The shoes are male inspired and right on trend. I’ve always liked to mix the causal with the less causal. Like a loose fitted top with a tailored pant. Pants from A.L.C, oversized blouse from East, canvas tote from Fairchild Baldwin and leather Oxford from Jimmy Choo.One minute at a time


Print Mania

Have you seen the prints for fall? If you’re in love with graphic prints you should be ecstatic. The influence from the 60s and the 70s mod era has brought a touch of psychedelia on to the runways. From jigsaw to spots and waves, one print louder than the other, some in black and white and some in fabulous colors. But my personal favourite is the black and white prints from Emilio Pucci. It’s such a shame to know that this was Peter Dundas’ final work for the brand.
In this set I’m doing the graphic print from head to toe with stripes and checks. Fabulous and so much fun!Print Mania


Design in black and white

It’s time for yet another black and white outfit.
I’m so in love with this entire look. I’m a huge fan of graphic shapes and I also love colorblock. When done in black and white it makes for a dramatic statement.
And the umbrella is present as it should be since it’s still raining buckets.
These fabulous wide leg wool trousers are from Givenchy. Love the white details!
Black and white crop tank top from A.L.C.
Striped coat from Acne Studios.
Mid heel pumps from Rupert Sanderson and a fabulous face tote bag from Lulu Guinness.
And umbrella from Alexander McQueen.
I can promise you more black and white sets moving forward and also sets filled with color.
Design in black and white


We’re having a wonderful time but not much time to be online.
So I’ll just post this set for you to have something to look at and maybe , before bed time, I’ll stop by with another set.
Until then, have a great Friday night.
If I was going out on the town I’d love to wear this outfit.
Long sleeves look fabulous with a short skirt, and it’s perfect now that evenings are a bit colder.
Tonight it’s warm enough for a short skirt, so why not enjoy the final days before we have to dig out our winter coats.
Grey is a color to count on this fall.

August Wish List

Finally, and as promised in my former post, here’s my August wish list.
One thing about posting a wish list a while after you made it, you often have new wishes!
But my birthday is coming up next month so it’s important to make a wish list this time around.
Going into fall I need new pants, several.
I’ve bought so many light-colored pants this summer so now I want black ones.
I need one that’s just cool, a fitted one and a leather one. Faux leather works just as well as real.
I need new tops, both sleeveless, short sleeves and long sleeves.
And winter skirts.
A sweaterdress and new coats, and can’t forget a new cape either.
No wish list is complete without a pair of boots and a bag.
Now you know what to get me:)
Will be back with one more post this evening.
August Wish List

Friends of pants

Love these pants and this is how to style them, or suggestions how to.
If you had to choose, which do you like better?Friends of pants