Spice is nice

Spice is nice




A little bit of pink in honor of Breast cancer awareness month.


Shades of brown

These ruffled shorts are both romantic and chic.
These shorts are too fabulous to be covered by a huge top so I would pick a crop top or bodysuit to go with. In this set I went with a short blouse from MSGM.
The shorts are from Balmain.
It’s easy to go overboard with all the super feminine details this summer, but I think moderation is key.
A lot of women love shoes, as do I and especially ankle boots and sandals, but if I have to make a priority list it goes like this 1. handbags 2. necklaces
  3. shoes.
I love colorblock bags and this one is a favourite. It’s from Accessorize.
And the sandals are to die for, they’re like a mix of my two loves; sandals and boots. Signed Aquazzura.
Shades of brown


Blue ocean

Finally some sunshine!!!
If there’s ever going to be a perfect time to chill by the sea this summer, it is now!
Growing up I lived by the sea, in a fjord, so I spent a lot of tie in boats.
Since I left home I haven’t had the same opportunities, apart from an inflatable boat and a wooden rowing boat at the cabin. I love to row though, it’s been a few years since I did but next summer I hope.
I’m off to enjoy this perfect day.
Blue ocean


Beach bum

FINALLY we have some real summer weather with sunshine and high temperatures.
It was about time!
Even though we’ve had a bit of sun, if not the entire day then half of it, but this is the very first day this year that going to the beach is an option.
Today I’m putting on my boho sandals and boho dress, both with tassels.
White and blue are summery colors and with a beach straw tote I’m set to go.
This beach dress is right on trend this summer season.
Enjoy your day, I know I will!
Beach bum


City girl

Brown is a color that goes with everything and it’s a color I love.
My fave combination is brown and blue, but in this set I’ve paired it with black and white.
A killer combo if you ask me.
Suede is still trendy and this suede crop top is from Yoins.
Love the lace-up effect.
A patchwork of suede and leather combine to make this super edgy skirt!
Love the zip closure and belt buckle detail. The skirt from Alexander Wang is on top of my wish list this season.
Ankle strap sandals are super trendy and these are crafted in a patchwork of black, white and brown suede. Signed Gianvito Rossi.
Color block shoulder bag from Accessorize.
In this outfit you’ll be sure to turn some heads !
City girl



Today we’re chilling at home, doing nothing but taking in the moment of Christmas to come. Nothing beats this time of year and the time leading up to Christmas is almost better than the actual holiday. But just almost. Christmas is the week between Christmas eve and New Year’s day. We call it Romjul, and it’s the best week ever! A time to reflect, enjoy and be with the people you love. It’s the time to enjoy everything you’ve been working so hard to prepare. Good food, lots of candy and the best part is the quietness. It’s a week of zen! And I can’t wait. I’m almost done with my preparations, I need to bake gingerbread, clean our bathroom and clean the oven. Then I’m done! I have one Christmas present left to buy, and then do the Christmas food shopping. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas but I’m well on my way so I can enjoy a quiet evening chilling in between all the work.Chillin'