Enter black & white

Enter black & white



Ciao summer

I’ve moved on to making sets featuring fall fashion but I’ll still be posting my summer sets for a while longer. Slowly shifting into pants. I just don’t want to believe summer is over just yet, especially since it’s been an awful one. I saw this quote on Facebook saying ‘if winter will be as short as this summer has been. It’ll soon be spring’
It kind of sums up how most of us feel about the summer of 2016, while the fashion was great the weather was horrid.
The weather reports are promising several great days ahead but thus far it looks glim.
It’s non stop raining and I’m really sick of it. While at a higher altitude it’s now snowing! It’s cold for being mid august.
I’m so over this weather, while somewhere in this world someone is sun bathing knowing no different.
Keep it up


My favorite

The weather is driving me crazy right about now. One minute it’s raining and the next it’s sunshine and smiles. How to dress for such unpredictable weather.
It’s hot even when it rains so I figure the best bet would be a pair of culottes and a top.
I just bought myself a pair of striped culottes in black and white. Almost like this pair.
Skinny jeans are great but I love the silhouette of the culotte.
I wrote about the story behind the palazzo pant a while back, and added some crazy facts about women wearing pants. It was actually a crime way back when. If you want to read these crazy facts you can click here. (sorry for the wrong link, it’s been fixed)
My favorite


Bold is beautiful

My daughter’s computer won’t work so she’s hijacked mine.
And you know teens, they simply can’t live without so for a few days I’ll be a bit absent, and yesterday I didn’t get to post at all. School’s out for the summer and she sleeps in so now is my time.
Black and white are always in style and a combo most people love.
As do I, but now and again it’s fun to liven up the monochrome with a splash of color. And this season I’m all about yellow.
We’re seeing a few different shades of yellow this summer.
The bright sunshine yellow, and then the soft pastel yellow they call chiffon yellow. And then there’s papaya, a color that is moving more towards orange.
The color trends this season are awesome, but in between the color mania we need to relax the eyes and embrace the always trendy black and white.
It’s all about balance in life, as well as in fashion.
Bold is beautiful


Two for one

The weather is amazing so it’s time to hit the beach. And before I do I’ve had my shoulders exfoliated and cared for cause this is the season of exposed shoulders.
Off the shoulder, and one shoulder tops are spotted everywhere.
And the trend is also represented in this summer’s swimwear collections.
The swimsuits of the season are amazing, so much so that it’s a shame to only wear them to the beach. So why not let them double as tops?!
This elegant swimsuit is from Lisa Marie Fernandez. I love it! With ruffles and all.
And it looks fab paired with these awesome cropped trousers from Temperley London.
I love the mix of a tight fitted top and wide leg bottom. Sandals from Tory Burch and a small Stella & Dot crossbody bag.Multitasking swimwear



A favourite trend of mine; laces. I love how they use big laces on a blouse or dress. Love it! And the bigger the better. I did a set earlier with bigger laces and if you want a look at what I mean you can click here. Blouse by Sonia Rykiel, pleated maxi skirt from Elie Saab, pre-owned Fendi boots and a white clutch from Vera Bradley.Blooming


Simply clothes

It’s black and it’s white, the most popular color combination known to man. Or so I assume. It’s a timeless combination, one that stands the test of time and change in trends. You can simply never go wrong with black and white. This set was a challenge to make. It was made for a contest where no backgrounds were allowed. I always use backgrounds and images and a lot of extras in my creations, I am a ‘less is too little’-kinda person and one that will never become a minimalist. I can admire it but I can’t do it, so I couldn’t help myself and had to at least add a little bit of sparkle to the set. Allow the clothes to tell the story, what’s that about? Nothing speaks louder than a bunch of accessories and extras extras extras! Maybe not always, but this set is boring!
Simply clothes