Throw and go

Make sure to wear your favourite dress before it gets too cold.
Late summer and early fall are perfect times to wear your casual dress. Add a sweater to your summer dress and it’ll last you longer, or wear it with tights or knee-high boots.
This season you can even wear your sandals after it’s gotten chilly outside.
The trendiest way to wear your sandals this fall is to wear them with your sock!!!!
It went from a no-no to a go in a flash and I think we’re all a bit taken back by it.
It looked cool on the runway but I’m not ready for this trend yet.
But….a warm toe is always nice….
Throw and go



Skater skirt

Skater skirt


Santa Lucia

Today’s topic; White.
Today is december 13th and Santa Lucia, or Saint Lucy’s day as I believe it’s called in English. Every year, december 13th, we celebrate and remember Saint Lucy/Santa Lucia. Back in school all the girls wanted to be Santa Lucia in the Lucia parade but only one girl got picked and she always had long blonde hair. I had long blonde hair and since only 5th graders got to be Lucia I had all fingers and toes crossed that year. I got pick as the extra in case the one picked fell ill. That night I prayed she get the flu, but off course she didn’t and I guess that was just as well. I eventually moved and in my new city it turns out 2nd graders are picked for the Lucia parade and when my eldest daughter was a 2nd grader she got picked for Lucia. It was a proud moment. You can read more about the tradition by clicking here.Santa Lucia



Happy anniversary to me! This set looks like a dream setting for the romantic lady. So it’s not meant for me. I didn’t get any flowers or chocolate, or a gift of any sorts. And I didn’t give my hubby anything either. But I did get cake! Well I bought it myself at the local grocery store, but at least it was with his money. And we have a candle that we lit on our wedding day 6 years ago, and every year on our anniversary we light it again. Just for a little while, we don’t want to burn it down. Do people honestly celebrate their wedding day? We use our anniversary day as an excuse to eat cake, but that’s about it. I can’t recall my grandparents celebrating theirs, but then they got married on New Year’s eve so I might not have noticed the celebrations amidst everything else that goes on that day. But I can’t recall my parents doing so either. I don’t know. Maybe people are just too obsessed with weddings nowadays, TV is filled with wedding themed shows. From ‘Yes to the dress’ to ‘Married at first sight’. Does anyone really watch these shows? I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would care to see people buy a wedding dress. If you can, please explain. I’m off to eat more cake.Date night


Fall Trend Alert

Final post today and this time I’ve limited the animal print to a pair of boots. Often times details speak louder than a big statement print. Ankle boots from Christian Louboutin. I really like this outfit, it’s a perfect outfit for early fall.
The cape is very on-trend at the moment so you need at least a couple in your wardrobe this fall. I have collected capes for years so I’m all set! And with many to choose from they never really get worn out. I like something easy to just throw over my shoulders so I’m a huge fan of cardigans and capes. On-trend pencil skirt from Moschino, khaki crop top from Glamorous, Burberry cape and a cross body tote from Valentino.
Fall Trend Alert


True Colors

Just wanted to stop by again to wish everyone a good night.
May your dreams be as colorful as this set!
Colorblock in bright colors, you just got to love it.
This outfit will make you feel cheery and playful, you might even feel the need to buy a bunch of balloons.
Some outfits are made to make you smile:)
Classic shorts in orange from Versace, striped crop top in fabulous colors from Balmain, multicolored mule pumps from Christian Louboutin and a crazy clutch from Kzeniya.

True Colors

Spring Trends With The RealReal: Contest Entry

This set was made for a contest at Polyvore. The task was to make a set featuring any spring 2015 trend from the runway  using designer pieces from The RealReal.
I chose this artsy dress from Cedric Charlier.
Artistic and abstract prints are very on-trend this summer. This is the season we dress to be noticed.
Spring Trends With The RealReal: Contest Entry