Hot in the city

I keep debating myself whether to keep this blog or shut it down.
It doesn’t really serve a purpose and it’s not like I put a lot of effort into it.
Well, I do put a lot of time into creating the sets, find the right items and backgrounds and then put it all together. But this is something I love to do and that I can keep doing at the Polyvore site.
And lately I’ve hardly had any visitors either.
I don’t know, I might keep at it for a little while longer since my favourite season is just around the corner.
Anyways, I’m totally in love with this outfit! I’ve always been a fan of cardigans, capes and such but my latest crush revolves around sleeveless coats and blazers.
Hot in the city




Now how about these culottes?! I just bought a pair just like them.
Fun fact: From the middle ages to early nineteenth century the culotte was a piece of clothing used by upper-class men in Europe!
From mid to late nineteenth century the culotte evolved into a pant that looked like a skirt, the idea was to allow women to ride horses wearing pants yet look like they had a skirt on. Clever! A camouflage to hide the fact that women wore pants, kinda fun to think about. Not so fun to think about; til this day women can’t wear what they want, at least not in all areas of this world.Culottes


Colors and trends

I’m in love with these wide leg shorts. White and brown are amazing when paired together.
According to Pantone “colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.”
A strong statement describing the color trends for spring and summer 2016.
Brown is well represented and include hues like Iced coffee, Sandstorm, Hazy taupe and Dark roast.
Click here to see all the color trends this season.
I’ve come to love the wide leg trend with culottes and palazzo pants.
I never thought I’d look good in wide pants or shorts, so I never bothered to try them on. I figured you needed to be tall and very skinny to pull it off.
But when I finally tried on a pair I fell head over heels. It’s super comfy and super trendy. And best of all you don’t have to be tall to rock this trend!
Crop top this!


Denim days

Well, hello there!
It’s been a while, life’s been throwing a few curveballs my way, it is what it is but hopefully things will get better.
I still love fashion and I’m back playing with the editor over at
This season it’s all about exposed shoulders, and the culottes are still with us. Denim is as hot as ever so throw on a pair and embrace the season.
Denim days


Grey Culottes

Grey is also a color fabulous for fall, and this season it’s as trendy as ever. This pleated pair is from Stella McCartney. You can wear them with a grey tailored blazer so it becomes a suit, the grey suit is on trend and a perfect choice for the office. Or you can follow my example and pair them with a sleeveless jacket in a different color. I’ve chosen a brownish jacket from TopShop. I added a striped cropped sweater in greys, also from TopShop. The brown details makes the otherwise grey outfit more interesting. Suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi and a Little Liffner fan mail clutch.Culottes


September Girl

Today I’m doing sets on different tops you can bring with you from summer to fall. The three posts will be about the lace top, the tube top and the long sleeve boho shirt. I made this set for a birthday contest, hence the date, it’s my birth date. The long sleeve boho shirt is one to bring with you from summer to fall. The 70s has made a huge impact on the runways for fall 2015, and this top is perfect to achieve the 70s look. Add a fringed vest and you’ll look like you’re cut out of a 70s magazine. Don’t mock the fringe! It’s been around for a few seasons now and it’s still in the front row of fashion. It’s a huge trend this fall and an even bigger trend for next spring. So if you have any fringed items, keep on to them! The culotte is still trendy, and if you live in a cold and snowy area you need to wear them now, before winter arrives!
September Girl


How to Style ; Culottes

Today I’m doing three posts on culottes, this season’s IT pants.
Though, there’s nothing new about the culotte. It’s been around short of forever or so, and it’s been on the runway for at least four seasons in a row now.  And guess what, it’s following us into fall as well.
And I don’t mind.
I like the trend but it can be a tricky one, but the culotte comes in a variety of sizes. Some are wide leg times one hundred, and others are less so.
I like the ones that has the buttons in front, like this one from J.W Anderson.
Here I’ve styled them with a bird print slim fit sweater from Fendi. It even has their signature fur in the details. I’ve used this clutch before but it appears to be out of stock at the moment, and I’ve yet again used a pair of flats that turns out to be slippers. So please ignore:)
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