Denim days

Well, hello there!
It’s been a while, life’s been throwing a few curveballs my way, it is what it is but hopefully things will get better.
I still love fashion and I’m back playing with the editor over at
This season it’s all about exposed shoulders, and the culottes are still with us. Denim is as hot as ever so throw on a pair and embrace the season.
Denim days




Yesterday I did pretty dresses, today it’s all about denim. I have to confess that I’m no jeans girl. I rarely wear denim but when I do I prefer it to be special in some way. Like these jeans from Roberto Cavalli. They’re far from plain and that’s a good thing in my book. Blouse in a trendy fall color from Lindex, and a patchwork bag from Fendi that I simply adore! And a pair of super cool suede ankle boots from Isabel Marant.Denim


Plaid Shirt

Final denim set today. If you have a boyfriend, I hate that word it sounds so childish, you shouldn’t just borrow his jeans but also his hat and plaid shirt. Even the shoes in this set are inspired by menswear. Just a shame men has such big feet, or we could steal their footwear too! In all honesty, I need to look feminine, even when doing the male inspired trends. It’s all about the details. A lace top like in this set, or pumps with heels. It doesn’t take all that much to make an outfit a bit more feminine. But back to the word, boyfriend, what do you english speaking people call a grown woman’s boyfriend? Please let me know you have a better word, cause I need to learn it!
Tomorrow I’m doing sets with animal print details, so stay tuned!Plaid Shirt


Lace Up

I love the lace trend that’s been around lately, and especially the exaggerated laces. The bigger  the better! The image to the left is from Vogue but I don’t know where the outfit is from, I wish I did cause I would love to get my hands on that lace-up shirt. Or maybe it’s a dress. Boyfriend jeans from J Brand, t-shirt with laces from Chloe, lace-up peep-toe booties from Rag & Bone and shoulder bag from Romwe.Lace Up


Dear Denim

Final post today. I’ve been so busy following the election on TV so I haven’t prepared much for this post. It’s late and past my bedtime but I’ll stay up a few more hours, I think, I don’t want to miss the end results for my city. Skinny jeans from Dsquared2, James Perse t-shirt in black, white denim jacket from Dorothy Perkins, denim bag from Guess and flat plastic sneaker pumps from F-Troupe. Tomorrow I’ll be doing ‘summer to fall’ sets, so stay tuned to learn about three different tops that you can bring with you into the new season.Dear Denim


Casual in heels

Today I’m doings sets with backpacks, just because. I’m simply trying to get as many sets out there as I can. I’ve been too creative lately so my sets are piling up. I trashed a bunch of them just to get done with summer, and I did good, I went from 9 to 4 pages of drafts. But 4 pages is still a lot, it’s more than 80 sets!!
Therefor I’m continuing to post 3 sets a day while trying my best to come up with a theme for each day. And today it’s the backpack.
Stripes are a trend that’s been around for some time now and it continues to follow us into fall. The jeans and the backpack makes this a casual look despite the heels and blazer. I’m a huge fan of sleeveless blazers. Boyfriend jeans from J Brand, striped top from Gina Tricot, sleeveless blazer from TopShop, striped pumps from Paul Andrew and a Kit plush backpack.


Make your own denim shorts

I’m amazed at how the weather turned around and summer finally found us, even though we had to wait til mid August.
Finally we can wear shorts. And I kinda regret giving away my striped pair to my daughter. It would have looked so good on me right about now.
These daisy printed shorts are easy to make yourself. Just find a pair of jeans you don’t wear any more and cut the legs off. Add some pretty flowers and your done. You can buy patches in any kind of thinkable shape and form, and simply iron them on. It’s easy to do and you get to decide where to put them.
Mustard & denim