Another shout-out to the Pink Ribbon cause. Pink October helps bring awareness towards breast cancer and the importance of self examining. It’s important that we check ourselves and detect any abnormality at an early stage. A family member of mine did just that this month and found something out of the ordinary. She had a mammogram done immediately and it turned out to be nothing more than menopause kicking in. We also need to remember that breast cancer can occur in men as well. Get to know your body so that you can detect change as early as possible.
Dress by Dorothy Perkins, blouse by Emilio Pucci, sandals by Proenza Schouler, bag from J.W Anderson and scarf from Kate Spade.
pink & pretty



Fabulous for fall

Yesterday I talked about prolonging the life of your favorite summer dress by wearing a sweater on top. Today I’m suggesting to wear it underneath. It’s totally possible if you have a sleeveless dress. Add a scarf for and you’re good to go.
Checks are super trendy this coming season so this dress deserves to see the light of fall.Fabulous for fall


shorts & blazer

Denim shorts are not yet dead. Wear it with a blazer to get a more chic look.
The choker is very trendy at the moment and the trend will continue in to next season.
I’m feeling a bit better but not a hundred present so another short post from me.shorts & blazer



It’s the season of the boho blouse!
I’ve always been a fan of the boho style and every time it’s back in fashion I just dig out my old bohemian pieces and no one knows any different.
I could never be the kind who throws out items as soon as they go out of style. I love to hang on to items that I love.
I even have a few items, boots actually, from high school still, making them about 30 years old or so. Some items just looks better as they age.
Is there a style you never seem to want to let go of?



The theme today is suede, faux or not it doesn’t matter as long as it looks the part. You can’t go through this season without running into suede. It’s part of the 70s vibe, and I love it. It reminds me of my childhood in the 70s, there was a lot of suede going on, and lambskin. I adore this shift dress from TopShop! The cape or poncho is back in style and this cashmere poncho from Etro is perfect paired with this dress. Platform boots from Paolo Iantorno, hobo bag from Marni, Zad necklace and a felt floppy hat from Dorothy Perkins.Cowgirl


Plaid Shirt

Final denim set today. If you have a boyfriend, I hate that word it sounds so childish, you shouldn’t just borrow his jeans but also his hat and plaid shirt. Even the shoes in this set are inspired by menswear. Just a shame men has such big feet, or we could steal their footwear too! In all honesty, I need to look feminine, even when doing the male inspired trends. It’s all about the details. A lace top like in this set, or pumps with heels. It doesn’t take all that much to make an outfit a bit more feminine. But back to the word, boyfriend, what do you english speaking people call a grown woman’s boyfriend? Please let me know you have a better word, cause I need to learn it!
Tomorrow I’m doing sets with animal print details, so stay tuned!Plaid Shirt


Palazzo Jumpsuit

High waist, wide legs, this describes the perfect pant for fall. Another trendy item this fall is the jumpsuit. And with the stripes this halterneck Palazzo jumpsuit incorporates more than one trend. The best thing about a jumpsuit is that you can style it in several different ways. You can wear it as a jumpsuit or you can wear it as a pant. I’ve chosen to cover up the upper part of the Dorothy Perkins suit, so it looks like a pant. Ruffles are still trendy, like in this rose wool crepe top with ruffle details from Marc Jacobs. Floral fringed kimono from TopShop, pink leather tote from Alexandra De Curtis and metallic leather pumps from Valentino. Stay tuned for a bit of pant history in my next Palazzo pant post.Dream Outfit