Little red

Little red



Get The Look

Today it’s all about the midi A-line skirt and the first post out is a ‘get the look’ post.
I love the look in this image, her skirt seems to be made of some sort of shiny material, like ultrathin leather or something. I couldn’t find one like it but I did find another awesome A-line midi skirt in yellow, from Le Ciel Bleu.
I’m not a huge fan of the crop top unless it has long sleeves, it’s something about a long sleeve crop. This one is from TopShop. Handbag from Fendi, mid heel pumps from Rupert Sanderson and oval sunglasses from Giorgio Armani. I thought I had picked out some amazing arm candy but turns out it’s a ring! It’s not always easy to tell from a photo when you can’t see its real size. The ring is from COOMI and the necklace is really a necklace and it’s from Fallon.
Get The Look


(don’t) Let it Rain

It seriously needs to stop raining!
A part from a few days we’ve had rain this entire month.
Summers are short where I live so it breaks my heart to see time pass by and realize summer is missing in action. I need a little bit of sunlight, I’m not asking for a tan but a tiny dose of vitamin D please!
The worst part is that I don’t get to wear all my lovely summer outfits.
I actually like rain, as long as it’s not too cold but when it comes to rain, less is more!
Enough with the whining.
Brown and blue are a color combo I adore, how about you?
Let’s look beautiful in the rain:)
Let it Rain

Passionate for Pink

This post is a follow-up from my last post with more images from Giorgio Armani’s RTW Spring 2014.
With October being a pink month in awareness of breast cancer I figured I make a little tribute post to help spread awareness.
Knowledge leads to earlier detection so I believe this yearly pink campaign is very important.
The pink ribbon is the symbol of breast cancer awareness and it is often sold as fundraisers for the cause.
You should check your breasts once a month so that you get to know them well, that way you can easily detect if anything feels different or out of the ordinary.
Also I would like to say that breast cancer is not an female-only illness, also men can get breast cancer!!
Stay healthy!  And wear pink in October, either for awareness or because its fabulous:)Passionate for Pink

Spring 2014

It’s fall and winter has yet to arrive but already you can plan your summer wardrobe.
Next years trends were all revealed during the famous Fashion Weeks.
The major fashion capitals of the world have been dressed for spring while trendy ladies has taken notes and watched closely what to wear next season, where to drool to be cool.
Fashion week starts off in New York every year in September.
I wrote about this in an earlier post so for some basic info about Fashion Week you can read here.
The images below are from Giorgio Armani RTW Spring 2014.
Armani called his show ‘Lights and shadows’.
Chiffon dresses, pastels, blazers, plaids, pink-grey and blue.
Pink is just as trendy this fall so don’t wear it out cause you may get use for it next season as well.
I like the Armani shorts and blazers, a look I look forward to copy:)

Plaid, not plain

Like I mentioned in my post ‘Mad for Plaid’, there are several ways to style this trend.
You can make it look preppy, chic or rock and roll:)
Or maybe you just want to look English?!
Here’s three ways I would style it;
Plaid, not plain

Sailor Chic

Another outfit inspired by the navy/sailor/marine trend.
Image from H&M fall 2013.
Looks fabulous in black as well!!!
If it’s too cold you can wear wool tights or something similar underneath the shorts.
So, let’s go sailing on the wind of trends:)
Sailor Chic