Orange & black

Orange is a color that fits the season well and this tartan skirt from Vivienne Westwood is casual and cool. The belt tie looks like a shirt wrapped around the waist and it gives the asymmetrical skirt a casual feel. Turtlenecks are my go to item for fall, and this cropped version is from Valentino.Orange & black



Pretty in pink

Today’s topic: Pale Pink.
The runways for fall 2015 showed us that bright pink is back in style but I still want to put my money on pale pink. Pink and grey look awesome together, while all colors goes with grey the same can’t be said for pink. One of the worse is pink and red. I know it’s been trendy but I just can’t stand it! It’s something wintery about the pale pink mixed with the grey, or maybe it’s the coat that makes me feel that way. Whatever the reason I’m loving this color combo for the season.
Pretty in pink


Cute cardigan

Final cardigan today. And this post is more like a rant. I went to a meeting this afternoon regarding my home and its future. And even though things are done to make it better it just doesn’t always turn out that way. One suggestion was to actually remove most of my garden. I live and breathe for that garden so I’m super pissed and angry as f. While everyone else seemed stoked about it, but I live in a co-op and we’re only 12 that’s lucky enough to have a garden. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and I am not keen on change, so I have my fingers crossed this suggestion never leaves the drawing board. And the few changes that are already in place will be for no reason at all as they will be scrapped in the new project, that’s money out the window and I can never endorse that! Oh well, I’m going to soak into my cardigan and feel sorry for myself for a bit.Cute cardigan



I’m not yet done with the brown and blue color combo. I love to mix the two colors, and with a little bit of white thrown into the mix it looks even better. The wrap skirt from J.Crew Collection is amazing, I always like a graphic print and this one is right up my alley. Mixing prints is one of my favourite things to do so I figured this striped pullover from No.21 would fit the skirt perfectly. Coat from Blancha, boots from Gabriela Hearst and shoulder bag from Nina Ricci.Framed


Thunder & Lightning

Today started off great with sun and shine, but then came the rain followed by thunder and lightning, and when that happens I’m logging off. I don’t know if its normal practise to pull all plugs and cords but I do it anyway, just to be on the safe side. The rules learned in my childhood are still implanted in my brain, stay away from the windows and sinks, avoid water at all costs and if you have to go outside wear rubber boots. The only thing that can protect you is rubber. But the safest bet would be to stay under a table til the horror passes.
But what ever you decide to do, do it in style. And why not in an orange dress with huge blue polka dots. If nothing else you’d look great!
Orange & blue



I promised one more post today but I really don’t have the time for it.
But here it is anyways.
I thought I had everything ready for our trip tomorrow but then you always forget something.
So I’m getting some final things sorted and then I need to get some sleep.
I’ll leave you with this casual outfit, perfect to travel in except that I never travel in jeans:)
Good night!!


Boyfriend jeans always looks fab when paired with a blazer and high heels.
These broken-in boyfriend jeans are from J.Crew.
Love the printed top from Proenza Schouler, it is also available with pink details.
The blazer is from Roberto Cavalli.
Sandals from Rachel Zoe and handbag from
All items still available for purchase.
Amazing really since I made this set a good while ago.
I’m super tired today.
It’s not even midnight but I’m done for the day.
My doctor told me that part of my spine is worn-out. I’m not sure what to make of this news.
I kinda understood that it is possible it can get better with exercise.
I really hate to work out, so I guess I’m in for a life changing experience.
But for now, nothing but dreams:)