A lighter shade of pale

A lighter shade of pale



A white story

White on white never gets old and it looks amazing on tanned skin.
I love the top but it is way out of my price range, but I’m all for admiring what I can’t have.
The lines in this piece are amazing, the top is signed Roland Mouret.
Culottes from Tibi, ballet flats from Chanel, shoulder bag from Jil Sanders and sun hat from Gladys Tamez.A white story


The winter blues

I’ve been absent a while now. The idea was to take a short break from the internet and devote my time to family only during the holidays. It’s evolved into a long break and time spent on myself. Sometimes we need to unplug and get to know ourselves again. I’ve spent so much time online I’ve forgotten what I’m all about. I’ve spent 2016 rediscovering myself. I believe most of us have memories of things we loved to do, but we don’t do them anymore. I wanted to know why that is, is it because I no longer love doing those things or did I simply lose it along the way. I’m also travelling for winter break. Not far, just to visit my family in Oslo. So I don’t know when I’ll be back posting daily , if ever. For now I wish everyone a great new week, use it well!The winter blues


Purple coat

Hello and happy 2016! Sorry for vanishing the earth. I haven’t even opened my computer since New Year’s eve. We all need a break sometimes.
 It’s winter alright. It’s been snowing for weeks and it just won’t stop, but I’m loving it! We’ve had a long cold period as well. Very cold. All the way down at minus 20 degrees Celsius. It’s still cold though, just not as much. I hate to freeze but I love the cold, so it’s all about how you dress. Make sure to stay warm,!!Purple coat


Silent night

This is the skirt I’m wearing on Christmas eve. I bought it a few months ago but I’ve never used it yet. I have a white peplum top I’m planning on wearing with it and the top has holes in it. Just tiny holes, making it appear like tiny polka dots almost. It’s in a leatherish fabric of some sort. Still not sure about the shoes. I like this knitted sweater with the skirt as well. But for a less formal event. What do you think?Silent night


A fallen leaf

If this dress doesn’t scream autumn I don’t know what does. Knee-high boots are back in fashion and fits well with this dress. The dress is a stunner and the abstract print is impossible to ignore. It’s from Fendi and the boots are from Stuart Weitzman. They stretch over the knee, so tall that it’s almost like wearing pants. A crossbody bag in a nice fall color from Jil Sander puts the icing of this outfit cake.A fallen leaf


Tulle Skirt & Kimono

From floral summer dresses to flowy skirts, today it’s all about tulle skirts.
Starting off with this mesh tulle skirt in a smokey grey from Chicwish.
I like the grey feel so I’ve styled it with a light grey silk blouse from Donna Karan New York and added a half-sleeve kimono from Mint Velvet.
To keep it more casual I’ve added H by Hudson flats in metallic, sophisticated but still casual. A white shoulder bag from Jil Sander finishes this look.
More tulle skirts coming at you later today.
Kimono Style