Wardrobe classics

Every wardrobe needs the classic staples. I am all in favour of a good bargain but when it comes to the staples, I find it best to invest. If you go for quality the items can serve you for years. What are your wardrobe basics? My list of basics includes a white button down shirt, a pair of pumps, a pencil skirt, an envelope clutch. But also a turtleneck sweater, a blazer, ankle boots, a pair of jeans, an oversized bag, and probably a bunch of other stuff I fail to mention. As for good basic colors I would choose black, navy and grey.Wardrobe classics



Special Moments

Tomorrow our big day has arrived, my daughter’s confirmation.
It’s evening already and I still haven’t finished my speech. I’m really getting nervous and stressed about it.
We’re leaving early tomorrow morning, and this is what I’ll be wearing.
The most common outfit is our national custom but my daughter is borrowing mine for her confirmation, the very same one I wore for mine, at the very same date even,  just many years ago.
The dress in this set is the exact same one as I’ll be wearing, as well as the handbag.
But the rest just looks similar.
My blazer also have the black collar but the pink is a wee bit brighter, and the heels on my pumps are not as high as these but close enough:)
My family is visiting from both up north and down south, so I’m really excited to meet them all again, it’s been a while since we last met.
Well, I better get working on that speech!
Wish me luck!!
Special Moments


B stands for BLACK & WHITE in my fashion alphabet.
The black & white combo is very trendy this spring and one of my favorite trends too!
The trend will continue into fall and it is also a part of the 2014 resort collections.
It’s a classic combo so I believe we’ll see it return again and again in the years and seasons to
come.B for BLACK & WHITE