Simple pleasure

I love this designer outfit but it’s one I could not afford.
I have no problem with chain stores being inspired by the big designers, but I can understand how designers does not want to have their work copied.
Pop up stores are a new thing during fashion week and a way for designers to tackle the copying going on. Usually we have to wait months for the clothes to hit the stores, and that gives the chain stores plenty of time to copy. Now that designers sell their clothes as soon as they come off the runway they deal with this issue head on.
What do you think of this practise?
If the item is not available at a chain store the option to buy it from a designer is not an option for me personally. Simply too expensive.
I do believe that those who can afford it do prefer the real thing over a copy anyways. So I’m not sure if they win more customers this way, but I might be wrong.
Though I have to say, copying is not really something I endorse. Inspired by on the other hand, I’m all for!
Skirt from Balmain, top from Dolce & Gabbana, blazer from Rag & Bone, sandals by Alexa Wagner and tote from Kenzo.
Simple pleasure



Bomber jacket

Bomber jacket





Couch potato style

I’ve had a crush on the cardigan for years and it continues to be a favourite item of mine. It’s versatile and a lifesaver if it gets cold. It’s probably the item I wear the most around the house. Some cardigans are meant to stay within your walls at home, while others work just as well outside of them. There’s one place where I wear the cardigan more than any other, and that’s on my couch! This outfit below is a perfect example of what I might wear for a lazy day at home. A maxi skirt or leggings, a nice sweater and a cardigan. Hence the couch potato style:)Coach potato style


Fall Memories

How about this outfit? It almost looks like a fall costume. The ruffled designed floral midi skirt is a vintage find from Kenzo. Styled with a textured knit orange tank top from Ter Et Bantine, sandals from Calvin Klein and a London Edit tote.Fall Memories


Platform walking

Second post today featuring printed skirts.
This beauty is from Kenzo and features a paper print. Kenzo always have fun ideas, it’s one of my favorite brands. Pink paneled top from Alexander Wang, white cut-out platform heels from Romwe, leather tote in candy pink from Victoria Beckham and a hot pink statement necklace from yoursclothing.
I’m going downtown right about now, or pretty soon anyways.
Tomorrow we’re going to a 80th birthday party and I need to buy a gift.
It’s my step dad’s mom’s birthday and we’ll be celebrating at the cabin.
I really hope the weather will be as awesome as it was yesterday and as it is today. Fingers crossed, do the toes as well just to make sure!
I’ll be back with one more post later on today:)
Platform walking



I’m doing a picnic themed 3-in-a-row series and this is my third and final post today.
It’s the very first day of August and the plants in my garden have yet to blossom!
I’ve never experienced it taking this long. Usually they start blooming in June. I feel sorry for the bumble bees. I see them searching. In my garden they only have one option to find nectar, and it’s from the chives. But today the sun is shining so hopefully it’ll give my plants a boost, as well as me.
Printed cotton dress from Kenzo, leather sandals from Alexander Wang and a Simply Be envelope clutch.