Blue for you

What was your fave trend in 2013?
I’ve never cared much for blue but in 2013 I opened my eyes for this wonderful color, and bought my very first blue items in years:)Blue for you

Be a star

Continuing with the gold:) Love this sweater!
It is so much snow outside I am fearing our fence can’t survive the weight much longer so I am going outside to get some of the snow off.
But it looks fabulous though:)
Have a great day everyone. Now first of all, it’s time for Bonanza and a nice and hot coffee.)
Be a star

Fall Farwell

It’s time to say goodbye to fall and see you again next year:)
Today I made a lantern out of snowballs so I guess it’s safe to say that winter has arrived.
Si bye bye fall and wish you all a fabulous new week:)Fall Farwell