Happy New Year



Dancing in the rain

It was probably raining when I made this set, but today it’s not.
But it’s Saturday and that alone is a good enough reason to dance.
Instead it’s very windy today, it might even qualify as a storm.
If you’re going out in such weather, why not wear a warm sweater on top of your dress.
It gives you a two in one look. You can remove the sweater or keep it on.
The sweater makes this look more casual, perfect for a date at a coffee shop and if you’re moving on to a club you simply leave the sweater in the wardrobe.
A perfect clubbing outfit for winter, if you ask me:)
Now run along and enjoy your Saturday night!
Dancing in the rain


M stands for METALLIC.
Never throw away (or hopefully give away) your metallic outfits cause this trend always comes back:)
Metallic gold and silver are as popular as ever but the trend also includes pastel colors this season, and even neon. Shine on in brocade, pastel, transparent, textured metallic or pattern metallic…you crazy diamond:)