Keep warm

Keep warm



Skater skirt

Skater skirt


Ciao summer

I’ve moved on to making sets featuring fall fashion but I’ll still be posting my summer sets for a while longer. Slowly shifting into pants. I just don’t want to believe summer is over just yet, especially since it’s been an awful one. I saw this quote on Facebook saying ‘if winter will be as short as this summer has been. It’ll soon be spring’
It kind of sums up how most of us feel about the summer of 2016, while the fashion was great the weather was horrid.
The weather reports are promising several great days ahead but thus far it looks glim.
It’s non stop raining and I’m really sick of it. While at a higher altitude it’s now snowing! It’s cold for being mid august.
I’m so over this weather, while somewhere in this world someone is sun bathing knowing no different.
Keep it up


Girl on fire

Black and yellow are awesome together, no doubt about it!
Leather might not be the obvious choice of fabric in the summer heat, but it can work well on a cloudy day. And we’ve been having a lot of those days lately.
Leather shorts from Balmain and leather jacket from Versace.
Amidst all the black the yellow top is a fresh addition. This is a look for the cool girl, the girl on fire.
Girl on fire


My favorite

The weather is driving me crazy right about now. One minute it’s raining and the next it’s sunshine and smiles. How to dress for such unpredictable weather.
It’s hot even when it rains so I figure the best bet would be a pair of culottes and a top.
I just bought myself a pair of striped culottes in black and white. Almost like this pair.
Skinny jeans are great but I love the silhouette of the culotte.
I wrote about the story behind the palazzo pant a while back, and added some crazy facts about women wearing pants. It was actually a crime way back when. If you want to read these crazy facts you can click here. (sorry for the wrong link, it’s been fixed)
My favorite


When going to a meeting in hot summer weather

The weather is amazing and I’m off to a meeting in the co-op where I live.
It’s a big deal this meeting, we’re planning to do an upgrade on the entire building. Four buildings to be exact.
It’s a huge project and we all have to agree on what we want done and what we don’t want to spend money on. Price is the main concern for most.
I have questions and a lot to say. And if you want to be heard when dealing with experts you need to look somewhat important! So the outfit always plays a role, whether one likes it or not.
Since it’s warm I’m going for pleated shorts, the summer version of the well-known office staple, pleated pants.
And if you want to be noticed and remembered, bright color always does the trick. But it’s a meeting so don’t overdo it!  A little splash of color goes a long way. A fitted blazer and some heels puts the outfit together. Now, listen to me!
The yellow movement



It’s been snowing and snowing and snowing some more. I lost my internet connection for a while but I don’t know if it’s got anything to do with the heavy snow fall. I doubt it. Anyways, it’s late and I need to get to bed so I’m leaving you with my final pastel outfit for today. Have fun:)Lavender