Kiss Me

Final pair of culottes today. This pair features a high-rise waist, very trendy at the moment. The higher the better it seems. At first I was very skeptic towards this trend, as the first thing that came to mind was the mom jeans from the 80s. Not flattering! But a high waist is not all that bad, not in the least. It helps tuck in that hopeless tummy, and that is always a plus. It’s getting colder so with the help of a cardigan you can wear your sleeveless tops for a while longer. I’ve always been a huge fan of the cardigan and I believe you can’t have too many. You need one in every shape, size and color. Without it your closet is not complete.
Kiss Me



Flamingo hour

Yesterday morning I went to a very formal event, and not just any formal event but a military formal event.
My little brother graduated from air force school and it was celebrated with a big and serious ceremony, one I’m so happy I took part in.
But the problem is what to wear to events like these.
The number one rule is to cover your shoulders and legs. When it’s really formal these are the rules I go by. Instead I like to play with prints and color.
We’re inspired by Asia this season and this silk blazer from Roberto Cavalli fits perfectly with this colorful skirt from Mary Katrantzou.
Flamingos are everywhere this summer and no one masters prints as well as Mary Katrantzou!
Flamingo hour

Mary or no Mary

Mary Katrantzou might have moved on but I still adore her digital prints.
Her spring collection for 2015 is awesome but she first caught my eye with her fabulous prints.
This dress is no Mary but it’s a great dress nevertheless.
Not everyone can afford to buy designer outfits but this dress with the image of a dress has just the right look without costing too much.
If you want to check out Mary Katrantzou’s 2015 spring collection you can find it here.
For a closer look at her amazing prints you can click here.
If you prefer this cheaper dress you can find it here.Happy Birthday Ragnhild

Crazy in Color

How about this party of an outfit?!
It’s not for the timid but if you love attention this outfit will make sure you get it.
Bold and spectacular colors and prints are very on-trend this season.
And abstract prints are even better.
Every piece in this outfit makes a statement.
It might be more than enough for some.
I do prefer to have one item stand out and let the other items support it. Like a bold printed top supported by a neutral pair of pants.
It’s like with make-up, you either put your focus on the eyes or the lips, never both.
But this outfit is so wrong, it’s kinda right.
Would you dare to wear it?
Crazy in Color


The most popular fall colors are usually the ones you see on the trees, earth tones as we call them.
But this fall is a little different.
I’ve already mentioned and written about the color red being one of the colors to wear this fall.
And then there’s royal blue, metallic bronze, moss-green, grey, white, pale pink, and bright yellow.
Fall has other colors in store as well, but let’s talk about yellow.
It’s not for the timid, but you don’t have to go yellow from top to bottom.
Wearing yellow might take a little getting used to.
Follow the example in this set and add just a tiny bit.
The color is so bright that just a little hint of it goes a long way, and is most definitely noticeable.
Wearing a yellow print is very on-trend and this dress has the right amount of yellow for a soft start into wearing this color.
Next step, take it all out by wearing a bright yellow coat:)

Mary K

I’m home!
And the return home was a nightmare!
We were supposed to take the train all the way, but first we had to go by train and then change to a bus, then back on to another train. This train we had to sit on for 5 hours and it had no toilet, no restaurant, no nothing! It was HOT and we couldn’t even pull our chairs back.
Then on to another bus. They had scheduled three of them but only two showed up.
The two that were supposed to go straight downtown while our stop was somewhere in between.
So one of them decided to take us to another place and a mini bus was going to be there to take us to our destination. But it wasn’t!
The bus driver finally called up a cab but it only had room for six of us and we were 16!
We convinced the driver to make one more stop, not all that far from where we were going so we went back on the bus. Managed to call someone just before they went to bed and they came and picked us up.
I have no idea what happened to those left behind to wait for the maxi cab.
Such an insane day! And so happy I’m not travelling with children right now!
But I’m home!
This dress by Mary Katrantzou looks like a dream, just what I need, a good night sleep and some sweet dreams.
So, good night, we’ll talk tomorrow:)
Mary K

Pretty Pastel

How about some pastels?
The skirt is from Mary Katrantzou and it looks stunning with its multicolored print and pleated design.
The sleeveless chiffon top from Mango is out of stock, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a similar top that goes with this skirt.
Stores are filled to the rim with pastels and candy colored items this season.
The hat and earrings are also out of stock.
I try to avoid posting items that are no longer available but things happens fast on the internet, so it isn’t all that easy to keep up.
An item can go from available to out of stock in the blink of an eye.
But these sets are mostly for inspiration, I don’t know anyone who’s clicked to buy anything I’ve posted.
Even so, I will try to make sure the stuff I post are available for purchase.
At least when it comes to my fashion sets, it’s not such a ┬ábig deal when it comes to interior sets as furniture is not as easy to buy online, I assume.
Pretty Pastel