Every fall

Every fall



Stay classy

Are you keeping up with London Fashion Week? I’m not in London but I’m following what I can online. I really enjoyed Christopher Kane’s floral dresses. Loved it! And how about them crocs?! In all honesty, I wear crocs on a daily basis. Oh my. But only in my garden. They’re so easy to slip in and out of while passing back and forth from the garden and terrace and in to my livingroom. And they’re easy to clean when they get dirty. While I like my blue and pink crocs I doubt I would wear them outside  my garden gate.
When I think about London I think about checks and houndstooth, so I made this set with that in mind. Blouse from Salvatore Ferragamo, skirt from Miu Miu, pumps from Tabitha Simmons and tote from Maison Margiela.Stay classy


Pencils and lines

Black and white, as well as stripes, are timeless. They turn up on the runways every season, and this season is no different.
Put your money in classic items that stands the test of time and spend less on the short-lived trends.
Pencils and lines


White & blue

Today’s topic; White & blue.
What’s white and blue? The Finnish flag, for one. The blue house in the image below is the Mummi-house from the children’s books about  the Mummi valley. The house exists in real size in Nådendal in Finland. I’ve been to Finland many times but never to Nådendal. You can read about Mummi here. Another place in Finland I’ve never  been to is Rovaniemi, where Santa Claus lives. While we claim he lives in Drøbak, still I’ve always wanted to visit Rovaniemi in winter time. You can read about the Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi here. Meanwhile, I’m wearing white and blue in hope for a white, and a little blue Christmas.
White & blue



I really like this set and the skirt is fabulous! Green is actually a very trendy color this fall, ranging from military green to bottle green. Suede mini skirts are hot and trendy this season and this embellished beauty is from Miu Miu. This outfit can testify to how awesome brown and green actually looks together. The colorblock sweater is from Missoni. I love how the colors sort of fade into each other. Missoni are masters at sweaters and cardigans! Open coat from Chicwish, shoulder bag from Chloe. I’ve noticed how often I use bags from Chloe, and I have to say no one makes better saddle bags this season! But the statement piece in this outfit are the boots, fringed and awesome in a fall palette. The boots are as trendy as a boot can get this fall, from Roger Vivier. I plan on doing plaids tomorrow, we’ll see. See ya then:)Harvest


This life

Today I’ll be doing two posts on houndstooth. The most common colors done in houndstooth are black and white, but it can also be done in other colors, as you can see in this set. Did you know that a smaller scale of the pattern is called puppytooth?! That’s just so cute and funny. Mustard coat in a mix of houndstooth and python from Miu Miu, Macrame-paneled houndstooth skirt from Oscar de la Renta, Pringle of Scotland sweater, suede boots from Oscar de la Renta and a leather tote from Victoria Beckham. This life


Duster Coat

The suede skirt is one of my fave items this fall, but everyone else is talking about the duster coat. Rumour has it that Kylie Jenner singlehandedly made the duster coat an it-item over night. The duster coat is yet another item that originally was worn by men. The coat is a light, loose-fitting, long coat that was worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust. Hence the name! Later both men and women wore the duster to protect their outfits while driving open cars on dirt roads. Today this once practical item is mostly worn for fashionable reason only. Suede A-line skirt from TopShop, sweater from Jigsaw, suedette duster coat from Boohoo, ankle boots from Rupert Sanderson and tote from Miu Miu.suede