Plaid Shirt

Final denim set today. If you have a boyfriend, I hate that word it sounds so childish, you shouldn’t just borrow his jeans but also his hat and plaid shirt. Even the shoes in this set are inspired by menswear. Just a shame men has such big feet, or we could steal their footwear too! In all honesty, I need to look feminine, even when doing the male inspired trends. It’s all about the details. A lace top like in this set, or pumps with heels. It doesn’t take all that much to make an outfit a bit more feminine. But back to the word, boyfriend, what do you english speaking people call a grown woman’s boyfriend? Please let me know you have a better word, cause I need to learn it!
Tomorrow I’m doing sets with animal print details, so stay tuned!Plaid Shirt



Trench Coat

Still raining, anything but men!!!
This weekend I have a lot of events I need to go to and I’m very excited about it.
My brother is graduating from military school and it’s going to be a huge thing going on over there. And I’m going to a concert, and a 50th birthday party.
So I am hoping and praying we get some sun and if not then at least keep the rain away for the weekend!
Have a fabulous weekend y’all!
Let the sun shine on ME!
Trench Coat

Military Chic

The military trend was seen all over the runway for fall /winter 2014 with Balmain in the lead. Uniform details, pockets upon pockets,  strict silhouettes, structured tailoring, high waists and loose-fitting, pilot inspired and with khaki as the dominating color.
I’ve chosen a short dress from Jonathan Saunders and added a loose fitted  military sweater on top of it. The sweater is from John Lewis and it mixes a great bit of casual in with the chic.
Armed with lace-up military boots from Stuart Weitzman and a geometric clutch from Narciso Rodriguez this is the perfect outfit for an army inspired fashionista.
A vintage pleated cape from Nina Ricci puts the icing on this military cake.
Tomorrow it’s the first Sunday in Advent, and Christmas season has arrived.
Therefor my following sets might be a bit winter and/or Christmas inspired.
But even though we have frost, there’s no sign of winter and snow yet.
Unusual and very sad, but still hoping for a white Christmas.
Military Chic

Statement coat

Anyone want to share with me why you’re visiting here today?
For some reason people are rushing to my blog today. I’ve never had this many visitors in one day, ever!
So it makes me wonder, how did you all find me and at the same time too?
From an average ranging from 5 to 10 visitors, I am now almost at 80 !!
I’m super curious to know what happened.
Anyways, I’m celebrating in my favorite color combo black & white.
I’m still posting sets that I made about a month ago so sadly some of the items will be out of stock, but it all works as inspiration.
Love the striped pants by Emanuel Ungaro, and the wide sleeve blouse from Rochas.
Vertical stripes are very slimming and your legs will seem a mile long in these fabulous pants.
Continue to add inches with a pair of high heel boots.
This season you really need to make sure you have a hat to wear, and statement coats are the ultimate item this coming winter.
Whether you choose one with bold prints and colors, go for a color block version or choose one with a crazy print in black and white.
This statement coat is from Stella McCartney and it is simply stunning in my opinion.
I’m off to bed. I have another massage session tomorrow ….can’t wait!
Statement coat

Black & white with a hint of brown

Plaid is another trend that just won’t let go. (or checks if you will).
Mix and match with different colors, this season you should have fun with your plaids.
The only mixing I’m doing in this set though is playing with prints.
It’s a lot going on in this set, but when you keep it down to just a few colors you can get away with mixing different prints, even when done on every single item.
I’m not much of a plain girl, I do love my prints.
These fabulous checked trousers are from P.A.R.O.S.H.
The awesome short sleeve blouse is from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
The paisley jacket is by Etro, this jacket is sure to go on my wish list!
Modern Vintage colorblock sandals, and a geometric clutch from Narciso Rodriguez.
I’m in love with all these items and they’re all still available.
We’re off to visit my folks in our nation’s capitol this coming Thursday.
We’re travelling by train. It’ll take about 5 hours more or less.
I’ll try to update even so.
Tomorrow I’m off for a massage, my back is so looking forward to it!
Black & white with a hint of brown

August Wish List

Finally, and as promised in my former post, here’s my August wish list.
One thing about posting a wish list a while after you made it, you often have new wishes!
But my birthday is coming up next month so it’s important to make a wish list this time around.
Going into fall I need new pants, several.
I’ve bought so many light-colored pants this summer so now I want black ones.
I need one that’s just cool, a fitted one and a leather one. Faux leather works just as well as real.
I need new tops, both sleeveless, short sleeves and long sleeves.
And winter skirts.
A sweaterdress and new coats, and can’t forget a new cape either.
No wish list is complete without a pair of boots and a bag.
Now you know what to get me:)
Will be back with one more post this evening.
August Wish List

Stripe Hype

This set was one of my sets featured on the Polyvore main page this summer.
I love this outfit, even more so than the one Olivia Palermo is wearing.
I believe we’ll be seeing a lot of checks and stripes throughout the next season also.
As well as a lot of white.
Summer is coming to an end soon, the awesome weather we’ve had has now turned into rain, loads of rain.
The temperatures are good though so I’m spending these final summer days wearing skirts, but paired with long sleeves. Just like in this set.
Stripe Hype