Perfect Pink

My final pink set for the Breast Cancer Awareness Cause. I don’t know of any other cause that has its own color and month. Or at least not to this extent. Everyone knows about October being pink, and why. It proves how well this awareness campaign has worked. It’s a huge accomplishment and one I doubt would’ve been as succesful without the internet. I wish that other important causes could reach that same level of awareness. I first learned about Pink October on Facebook a few years ago. I played a few Facebook games and they all had pink items coming out in October. There were a lot of campaigning going on in the game forums as well. The same stuff is going on at Polyvore where I make my sets for this blog. They hold contests every year, in October, where we have to make pink awareness sets. All these events have helped spread the awareness, and it’s working. If you don’t know what the pink ribbon symbolises you must have been living under a rock! I wonder why no other cause has managed to get the same kind of attention as this one, and why this cause seem to engage people so much more than other causes. At least on a global level. What ever the reason, if you haven’t checked yourself yet then you should. And google how to examine yourself every month, then you won’t have to run to the doctor as much. Perfect Pink



True Colors

One more colorful post before heading to bed. Sometimes it’s not about toning it down, sometimes you need to take it all out and do the crazy mix of print and color, until it gets so crazy it actually works.
So with this psychedelic set I’m saying good night, sleep tight:)True Colors


Thunder & Lightning

Today started off great with sun and shine, but then came the rain followed by thunder and lightning, and when that happens I’m logging off. I don’t know if its normal practise to pull all plugs and cords but I do it anyway, just to be on the safe side. The rules learned in my childhood are still implanted in my brain, stay away from the windows and sinks, avoid water at all costs and if you have to go outside wear rubber boots. The only thing that can protect you is rubber. But the safest bet would be to stay under a table til the horror passes.
But what ever you decide to do, do it in style. And why not in an orange dress with huge blue polka dots. If nothing else you’d look great!
Orange & blue


Soft Yellow

I’m running out of time so I’m doing another 3-in-a-row today to get my summer sets out there.
Today we’re wearing shorts and we’re spending our time by the sea.
It’s actually a warm day today, the warmest so far this summer, but there’s no sunshine.
It’s windy and it rains, but at least it’s warm.
I love the shorts in this set, they’re super cute! And the leaf clutch is an exciting twist to the head-to-toe yellow look.
Brocade shorts by Giambattista Valli, Orla Kiely peplum top, yellow slingbacks from Nicholas Kirkwood and a Nancy Gonzalez palm leaf clutch.
A perfect look for a stroll on the docks.
Soft Yellow

Statement coat

Anyone want to share with me why you’re visiting here today?
For some reason people are rushing to my blog today. I’ve never had this many visitors in one day, ever!
So it makes me wonder, how did you all find me and at the same time too?
From an average ranging from 5 to 10 visitors, I am now almost at 80 !!
I’m super curious to know what happened.
Anyways, I’m celebrating in my favorite color combo black & white.
I’m still posting sets that I made about a month ago so sadly some of the items will be out of stock, but it all works as inspiration.
Love the striped pants by Emanuel Ungaro, and the wide sleeve blouse from Rochas.
Vertical stripes are very slimming and your legs will seem a mile long in these fabulous pants.
Continue to add inches with a pair of high heel boots.
This season you really need to make sure you have a hat to wear, and statement coats are the ultimate item this coming winter.
Whether you choose one with bold prints and colors, go for a color block version or choose one with a crazy print in black and white.
This statement coat is from Stella McCartney and it is simply stunning in my opinion.
I’m off to bed. I have another massage session tomorrow ….can’t wait!
Statement coat

Easter Date

It’s Saturday, it’s Easter, and it’s my man’s birthday today:)
We’re having some people over in the afternoon, and this evening we’re having a nice stay-at-home-date:)
I’ll be wearing a dress, but it’s not as awesome as the dress in this set. It’s a fabulous dress, love the mix of black and lime!!!! A perfect dress for an Easter date:)
Wish everyone a great Easter evening!!!!!
Easter Date

Sheer Skirts

The sheer skirt is having a moment and has become the new big thing in the world of fashion.
For every red carpet that gets rolled out there is certain to be some sexy sheer walking all over it.
This trend has been embraced by many celebs as you can see in this photo sequent here.
Images below are from Givenchy RTW Fall 2013.
And as you can see, the chain stores are already all over this trend, so anyone can have a sheer moment this season.Sheer Skirts