Fall Farwell

It’s time to say goodbye to fall and see you again next year:)
Today I made a lantern out of snowballs so I guess it’s safe to say that winter has arrived.
Si bye bye fall and wish you all a fabulous new week:)Fall Farwell

October Wish List

Here’s my Wish List for October.
I love turtlenecks and knit so I need a nice and warm sweater. I have been wanting one in white for a while so now I’ll get one.
I recently had a birthday and was lucky enough to get some gifts certificates and some cash so I am going shopping as soon as I am 100 % well after the flu.
Love the striped pants. And I also need a few more boots with a thick heal so I don’t stumble when the roads gets icy:)
I need more blazers and this one is fabulous with its shimmering look.
A statement necklace is worth having and since I never get enough cardigans I want two:)
And how about those leggings?! They are awesome, looks like knit and they will look great to wear around Christmas time.
I love jackets and can’t get enough, I’m in love this white beauty.
I am considering making another Wish List as well but with more expensive items.
It will truly be a WISH LIST since I can only wish and will never get:)
October Wish List

Fall Trend; Repeated Pattern

We saw a lot of prints and patterns this spring and they continue into fall.
The pattern this coming fall is repetitive and striking!!
These bold patterns are certainly not for the timid!
Step and repeat!!
Runway images from (from the left) ; Suno, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Louise Goldin.
Fall Trend; Repeated Pattern