Lively & Amazing

It’s late at night and way past my bedtime, several hours ago.
We’re having a blast and enjoying every moment.
My family is the greatest!
Tomorrow we’re going downtown and it’s warm enough for a skirt so I’ll be going black and white again.
And since I’m in the big capital city I have to dress a bit classy for the occasion.
I’ll be back again with my regular updates as soon as we’re home and things get back to normal.
But I’ll try to get on and post again tomorrow, hopefully earlier than today.
Time will tell.
Wish everyone a great weekend! And go visit your family soon!
Lively & Amazing


We’re having a wonderful time but not much time to be online.
So I’ll just post this set for you to have something to look at and maybe , before bed time, I’ll stop by with another set.
Until then, have a great Friday night.
If I was going out on the town I’d love to wear this outfit.
Long sleeves look fabulous with a short skirt, and it’s perfect now that evenings are a bit colder.
Tonight it’s warm enough for a short skirt, so why not enjoy the final days before we have to dig out our winter coats.
Grey is a color to count on this fall.