Wardrobe classics

Every wardrobe needs the classic staples. I am all in favour of a good bargain but when it comes to the staples, I find it best to invest. If you go for quality the items can serve you for years. What are your wardrobe basics? My list of basics includes a white button down shirt, a pair of pumps, a pencil skirt, an envelope clutch. But also a turtleneck sweater, a blazer, ankle boots, a pair of jeans, an oversized bag, and probably a bunch of other stuff I fail to mention. As for good basic colors I would choose black, navy and grey.Wardrobe classics



get the look

And again, extra long sleeves. This long sleeve jumper is from Rick Owens and the oversized garment looks both cosy and stylish. I don’t know who the model is but she’s rocking this look. The pencil skirt is from Oasis and the bag is a Saint Laurent bag. I like to mix expensive items with bargains and in this outfit the pricey items are the sweater and the bag, while you can get the boots and skirt for a lot less. I’m copying this look, are you?get the look


Office wear

I would love to come into the office wearing this look, if I had an office. This look will make you feel classy and professional. Tuck in your top to accentuate your waistline. The split and the high-waist will make your legs look like a never-ending story. Ivory skirt from Adam Lippe, roll neck sweater from TopShop, pearl necklace by David Yurman, briefcase available at pianki.com and suede pumps from Sergio Rossi.Office wear


Pencil skirt & sneakers

My final pencil skirt for now, and this one is my favourite! The best part about the pencil skirt is that its silhouette can help any women achieve an hourglass shape. The secret lies in how the waistline fits where the waist actually is, creating a feminine shape. Lower waistlines does not help you achieve the same sensual silhouette. The pencil skirt also feels very different from other skirts as it impacts your posture and the way you move. The skirt forces you to take smaller strides and makes you look more sensual and feminine while doing so. It’s like sexy lingerie, you can’t help but feel good in it. Maybe this is why the skirt has been popular for so long. Even when dressing it down with a pair of sneakers, it still looks feminine. And who says a pencil skirt has to be in a solid color, wear a printed one and let it brighten your day!Pencil skirt & sneakers


Fringed Pencil skirt

When people think of office wear the pencil skirt immediately comes to mind. It’s often worn as a suit with a matching blazer, or with a white tailored shirt. But it’s possible to dress down your pencil skirt and make it less formal. For a more casual look, style it with a simple t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Your skirt will go from office wear to sporty wear in no time. And without compromising style, on the contrary. A new trend is in town, and sneakers are the hottest thing to wear with your pencil skirt right now. In my previous post I wrote about the history of the pencil skirt and how it came to be, click here if you missed it. Fringed Pencil skirt


From the Hobble to the pencil

Today it’s all about the pencil skirt, named after the pencil due to its slim fit and narrow shape. Most know that the first pencil skirt was designed by Christian Dior in 1954, but its beginning came about as early as 1908. Wilbur and Orville Wright had chosen the wife of an associate, Mrs Berg, to become the world’s first female aeroplane passenger. The event was historic and judging by all the photographers on the scene it was about to be a well documented one. But there was a problem. The wind from the propellers made Mrs Berg’s skirt an issue. The brothers didn’t want this to blow into an inappropriate disaster and quickly came to a solution. A rope was tied above Mrs Berg’s ankles and the mother of the modern pencil skirt was born. It was named The Hobble. Mrs Berg was photographed and seen in magazines around the world. The Hobble made walking close to impossible so the trend was short-lived. But the mermaid dresses we see on red carpets today, are inspired by the Hobble. And so is the pencil skirt. Dior introduced the modern pencil skirt at a time when women were looking for something new and modern. Post war new solutions were sought in both politics and fashion, people wanted distance to the old ways. After decades of hidden legs and ankles the pencil skirt felt liberating. While the Hobble made walking close to impossible, the pencil skirt made the walk more sensual. The latest trend for this slim fitting garment is fringed hemlines. This faux-leather skirt from Cedric Charlier is made to fit closely from the waist to the knees, and then end in a veil of fringes. For a sporty and trendy look, style the skirt with a pair of sneakers. Tricky Trend


Short on the story of: the pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is a perfect pick for work, or any other formal occasion you need to attend. The pencil skirt umbrella includes slim-fitted skirts with a straight and narrow cut. Just like a pencil, straight, slim and slightly narrowing towards the end. Before the pencil skirt there was the Hobble skirt, a short-lived trend that inspired the birth of the pencil skirt. The Hobble skirt limited the wearer’s stride, just like a pencil skirt often do. You can read more about the Hobble skirt here.
Christian Dior is the man behind the pencil skirt we know today, thank you Dior!
He introduced the modern pencil skirt in his fall/winter collection for 1954.
In this set I’m playing with black and white, and a little bit of red. I love the structural silhouette of this Roksanda Balmont skirt. I’ve styled it with a monochrome peplum top from BCBGMAXAZRIA, a printed jacket from Raul, printed pumps from Dolce & Gabbana and a Kate Spade New York lady bug clutch.
A little bit of red