Blue & white

Today is my birthday so I’m not planing on spending any time on the computer.
Have a great day y’all:)Blue & white




The sun is shining but it’s also raining so what to wear?!
I’m going downtown and it’s always a struggle to dress for this kind of weather.
So I’m opting for a maxi skirt, it’s lighter than pants and warmer than shorts.
Instead of going sleeveless I’m choosing long sleeves and bare shoulders.
And keep a cardigan in my bag.
Plenty of pleating going on this coming fall, existing on just about every piece of fashion, so hold on to your pleats.
Bare shoulders are still trendy next season, or you can change it up and wear one sleeve items if you really want to be fashionable.


Be Happy

Over to another event that also takes place in october. Did you know that the world’s Smile Day is in October? I didn’t! The original smiley was created by Harvey Ball, a commercial artist, as far back as in 1963. The smiley soon became popular and is now a huge part of our modern pop culture. But Harvey himself became concerned about the over-commercialization of his symbol, so to make up for it he went on to establish the world’s Smile Day. A day dedicated to encourage acts of kindness, and of course smiles. The first friday in the month of october is the world’s Smile Day. And this year the day occurred on october 2nd. In my opinion every day should be a day of smiles and acts of kindness, but I guess we do need a day to remind us of how important this is. And now that I know, I’ll be thinking about this every time I see a smiley face.Be Happy


Stella Pants

Final saddle bag today and tomorrow is my birthday so the theme of the day will be party dresses. Very fitting! I have to say I love this outfit. I like to play with color and these orange pants from Stella McCartney are screaming for attention. White cotton top from Peter Pilotto, black biker jacket from Fendi with white and orange details, suede pumps from Roland Mouret, a fabulous Clair Gaudion scarf and the yet again trendy saddle bag from Chloe. Prepare to be noticed in this look!Stella Pants


Zebra Fashion

Today I’m doing sets with animal prints. This first set is a bit in your face, but in my other two sets the animal print will be less obvious. Animal prints are made to resemble the pattern of the skin or fur of an exotic animal like leopard, tiger, cheetah, zebra, giraffe or something similar. The prints are used both in fashion and interior design. It’s been known as a sign of status, mostly due to the fact that animal fur were highly expensive and hard to come by. So for this reason it became a symbol of wealth and status. But today faux animal prints are just as popular and often prefered. People are more aware of the process from being the animal’s fur to becoming an animal print. It’s become trendy to be into animal welfare and care for species that are endangered. Faux fur and faux prints are therefore a fabulous choice and should be the only choice when  it comes to these matters, and it’s more affordable for us common folks. Though that reason alone is reason enough for some people to still want real fur. In fashion the print became popular in the late 60s, as a product of the Bohemian movement.Zebra Fashion


Peter Pilotto

This awesome outfit is from Peter Pilotto, one of my favorite designer brands. I don’t really know all that much about this brand, so I did a search but turns out Wikipedia have yet to hear about this awesome designer brand. So it wasn’t easy to dig up anything besides the runway collections. But what collections! I love the Peter Pilotto prints!
Pilotto’s collection for fall 2015 are inspired by classic board games, both fun and fantastic! The creative brains behind the brand and the vibrant, digital prints are designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos. You can look at their Fall 2015 line by clicking here.
Peter Pilotto


Travel to Tromsø

My third and final city today. We’ve been to Paris and New York but this time I’m taking you to a city in the far north, Tromsø. It might not be a fashion capital but it’s the capital of the Arctic. It’s the second largest city north of the Arctic circle and it is widely known as the capital of the Arctic due to its size, rich history and diversity.
Tromsø is located 350 kilometres north of the Arctic circle, inhabited since the end of the last ice age and is now home to 58 000 people from more than 100 different nationalities.
The city is surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands. In fact, most of Tromsø is an island. I’ve been there many times since it’s just a 4 hour drive from my hometown, Narvik. In Tromsø you can get to experience the northern lights, or the midnight sun or have a look at the lovely Arctic cathedral, you can see it in the bottom image below. Tomorrow I’ll be posting sets with A-line midi skirts.
Travel to Tromsø