December 18th

Today I  got the Christmas tree, so happy about my tree this year.
I still have a few more things I need to get done but I like being busy the few days before Christmas.
I need to bake some more gingerbread and clean my home one last time before Christmas, and do the final shopping. We don’t drive so I have to make two rounds to get everything I need for the holidays.
And I need to wrap the gifts for my kids. They’re not celebrating with us this year, so this year we’re having a tiny Christmas eve on little Christmas eve (what we call the 23. around here). Little Christmas eve is usually when people decorate the tree but I’ll have to get it done the day before so everything is ready for my kids.
The rest of the holidays it’ll only be my hubby and I.
Still looks like a Christmas card outside, lots of heavy snow on the trees and white as far as you can see.
It’s freezing and I love it!
Happy December 18th everyone, remember no stress!!
Winter in the city

Fall Scarf

Winter has yet to arrive so it’s still some time left to enjoy fall.
But nights are colder and the ground is covered in frost in the morning. It’s not enough to wear a tiny blazer like the lady in the image below.
Love her outfit but I’ve exchanged the blazer with a lovely and warm coat.
Scarfs are very trendy at the moment, the bigger the better.
I love it when trends are season-friendly. It’s no need to freeze for beauty, like when I was younger.
Throw on a warm coat, a big scarf, a beenie and some warm boots and you’ll be both trendy and warm.
Love it!
Fall Scarf

Closet Finds

I can’t believe all this rain!
This is my final shorts post so better get it posted, from now on it’s not possible to wear shorts without tights underneath.
My closet is an old one, made in the 70’s, so my dream is to rip it all out and make an all new closet.
Like this one in this set.
It’s doable, if we rip out the doors and shelves we’ll have a nice huge empty space to fill.
The most expensive part will be the new doors.
It will happen, eventually!
The shorts in this set are actually perfect for colder days, since it’s made of wool.
It’s from Carven Caban and I really love the shape of it.
Panda flats from Jeffrey Campbell and suede cross over bag from Pieces.
The earrings are so cute, but like the top they’re out of stock.
I’m babysitting, again, (I’m such a great friend) later this evening but I think I might find time for one more post.
Closet Finds

Less or Lux

And then we’re back home again after five awesome days at the cabin.
This set shows how you can copy Kendall Jenner’s look in this image.
I’ve included both an expensive outfit and a bargain outfit.
Personally I always go for the look for less option.
For the expensive look I’ve chosen a cotton-blend blazer overcoat from Ann Demeulemeester and leather leggings from Balenciaga. I can’t really tell whether Kendall is wearing a top or not but I would assume she is so I went for a leather bustier from Kiki de Montparnasse.
The over the knee boots are the eye-catching part of this look and I’ve chosen a suede pair from Gianvito Rossi. The bag is from 3.1 Phillip Lim.
The less bargain outfit is just as fabulous with a Pinko Black blazer and leggings from TopShop.
A bralette bra from Pieces and Latitude Femme boots. The bag is also from Pieces.
So, which look would you choose?
Less or Lux

Festival Season

Spotted at Coachella.
This post got lost during Easter holiday and everything. It was supposed to follow the other festival posts I made just before Easter. But better late than never I guess:)
Coachella might be over, or I don’t know whether it is or not, but in many parts of the world festival season is yet to get started. This image is from this years Coachella where Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner attended. Selena in a see-through dress, with shorts and a strappy top underneath. While the other two were dressed in blue and lots of accessories.
The fanny pack always makes a comeback in time for festival season. If the thought of festivals does not get you in a summer mood, I don’t know what will:)
Festival Season

Denim Dream

Woke up this morning to find the entire outside packed with snow!!!
Just like I predicted, wait til spring and the snow will show!
I’ve been so excited over the warm weather lately so I have nothing but spring clothes to show, oh well, hopefully it’s  no snow wherever you’re at:)
Denim is always a safe bet, and it never goes out of fashion.
I don’t wear much denim personally though, but I do have some jeans. And that’s it.
When I think of denim I think of a fabric that is hard and not easy to move in, but denim nowadays can be as soft as the next fabric.
Denim Dream

Fashion Rules

Someone asked me if they could wear brown with blue, they feared  the colors would crash and look ugly together. I say, don’t fear, brown and blue is an awesome combination!!!
Most of the old fashion rules, that once ruled, are now outdated.
And they are false!! So if you ever heard the rule ‘never wear black with brown or navy’ you can rest assured that this rule is now dead and buried!
Black, brown and navy are all neutrals so they can be worn with everything. And they can be mixed together as well.
You can mix prints with other prints, you can mix your metals, and your handbag does not have to be in the same color as your shoes!
When it comes to fashion rules, I do believe rules are made to be broken:)
Brown & Blue