Last smile

Last smile



Pretty preppy

Plaids are a recurring theme for fall and this fall they come in all shades and sizes.
I like the preppy take on the trend. The wrap effect is another trend this fall and with added fringes this skirt from Rumour London is right on trend.
Top from Isabel Marant, tote from Pierre Hardy and heels from Office.
Pretty preppy



I’m in love with this outfit!
The printed shorts and striped top looks amazing together.
The River Island shorts have a fringed detail that is on-trend.
I’ve always been a fan of the high neck and this high-neck sleeveless top is from TopShop.
The leather tote is from Marni. I love its clean lines and framed silhouette.
Boots and shorts are perfect matched together, and these boots from Pierre Hardy brings the outfit that extra feminine touch.
Felt hat from Helen Kaminski and necklace from Lane Bryant.


Summer delight

I’m in love with this vertical striped top from Salvatore Ferragamo.
The colors are fresh and sporty.
I styled it with a pair of pleated shorts from Saint Laurent, multicolored leather sandals from Pierre Hardy and a crossbody bag from Mulberry.
I usually like to mix expensive items with cheaper alternatives but today I’m doing designer items from head to toe.
This look would work great with high heel pumps as well.
Summer delight


The wow factor

I wish you all a great weekend, may it be as bright and colorful as this set!
Most of us could use a little more color in our lives, so let this be the weekend to add a little or a lot of it!
Happy weekend!The wow factor



Now how about these culottes?! I just bought a pair just like them.
Fun fact: From the middle ages to early nineteenth century the culotte was a piece of clothing used by upper-class men in Europe!
From mid to late nineteenth century the culotte evolved into a pant that looked like a skirt, the idea was to allow women to ride horses wearing pants yet look like they had a skirt on. Clever! A camouflage to hide the fact that women wore pants, kinda fun to think about. Not so fun to think about; til this day women can’t wear what they want, at least not in all areas of this world.Culottes


Spooky Trench

Halloween is not a holiday we celebrate much, in fact Halloween is responsible for the most heated debates this time of year. The question is how you should respond to those who wants to celebrate it, should you simply shove your door in the kid’s faces? Or put up a sign saying ‘come back at Christmas (for julebukk) and we’ll be nicer to you!’ I find the entire debate ridiculous! If you don’t like Halloween then leave the door unanswered when the kids come knocking. If they do. The past two years we didn’t get anyone on our door, even though I had loads of candy waiting for them. A Facebook page called ‘ Stop the trick and treaters and get the Julebukk back’ has now over 150 000 members. It’s a lot for such a small country as ours. Julebukk is an old custom and very similar to the trick or treat one. Kids dress up and go door to door during Christmas week, when the door opens they sing a Christmas carol while holding a bucket. Yes they want candy, that’s what it’s all about:) Halloween is a very new event around here. And a lot of people don’t like American customs being copied. As for me, I love any occasion that allows me to decorate and do something special. We have enough ordinary days as it is! So I say, yes both please!Spooky Trench