shorts & blazer

Denim shorts are not yet dead. Wear it with a blazer to get a more chic look.
The choker is very trendy at the moment and the trend will continue in to next season.
I’m feeling a bit better but not a hundred present so another short post from me.shorts & blazer




Yesterday students went back to school and with that many start on different activities again after a long summer holiday.
I really should start to work out since I don’t, at all.
And my choice of work-out would be yoga.
This set was made for a yoga work-out contest and this is what I chose to wear for my imaginative yoga class.
I do love leggings, I have since the 80’s.
It’s what I always wear around the house, after I take off my daily outfit, and crawl up on the couch.
I wear an oversized sweater or top with mine.
My rule when wearing leggings is that what ever I wear on top has to reach down to my thighs. If I don’t wear a long sweater I would wear a skirt to cover the area.
But for a work-out I guess it is okay.
Leggings are perfect for moving around, it’s like wearing nothing at all.
Happy work-out!


I stands for IRIDESCENT:)
Iridescent and dazzling holographic outfits has been sparkling on the runway this season.
You will definitely stand out in the crowd wearing this trend, but for those who do not want to take it all out there are also a variety of shimmering shoes, and clutches to give your look that  little extra glam:)