Skater skirt

Skater skirt



Blue ocean

Finally some sunshine!!!
If there’s ever going to be a perfect time to chill by the sea this summer, it is now!
Growing up I lived by the sea, in a fjord, so I spent a lot of tie in boats.
Since I left home I haven’t had the same opportunities, apart from an inflatable boat and a wooden rowing boat at the cabin. I love to row though, it’s been a few years since I did but next summer I hope.
I’m off to enjoy this perfect day.
Blue ocean


Saddle Up

Final autumn dress for today, and this time I’ve chosen a trendy lambskin dress from Ralph Lauren. Paired with a cardigan from Warehouse the 70s look is on. Lace up boots from Frye and a trendy saddle bag from Chloe. A short post goodnight as its way past my bedtime, I’ll be back tomorrow with posts on the color Marsala, so stay tuned!Saddle Up


How to Style ; Prabal Gurung

One of my favorite designer is Prabal Gurung.
I love his work and if you want to have a look at his collection for the coming season you can click here.
All the items in this set are signed Prabal Gurung.
The asymmetric panel top, the cut-out A-line skirt, the almond toe pumps.
The multicolored clutch is Prabal Gurung for Target.
Prabal Gurung


One item of clothing I did not understand at the beginning of the season; the romper/playsuit/jumpsuit or what ever it’s called.
But it’s growing on me. It turns out that the item doesn’t have to look childish, it can actually be both sexy and chic.
This monochrome playsuit is from Miss Selfridge. I’ve styled it with a cool cow print biker jacket from Moschino, and the trendiest sandals you can wear this season; a pair of mules. This pair is signed Jimmy Choo. The bucket bag is making a comeback and this one’s from The Row. The hat is from The Season Hats and is made out of Panama straw, European leather and metal fastenings. The cutout parts of the hat gives it a modern look and makes it drape fantastically. Round sunglasses are still happening and this pair is from Ralph Lauren.
The playsuit is on, it’s time to play!


Finally we’ve  arrived at our cabin.
No sun today but it’s still hot and amazing being here.
I might not be able to update my blog these few days we’re staying here, since there’s no internet connection available.
Right now I’m using my mom’s phone but as I understood it’s just a temporary connection.
Hopefully you all will be back to visit me here when I get back home this coming Friday.
It’s time for my vacation.
I’m by the sea and loving it!
I’ll leave you with this lovely and romantic summer set, and we’ll meet again as soon as I get back:)
Have a great summer!!

French Open

What to wear when going to a tennis tournament, like the French Open which is happening right now?!
There is no dress code for such events it seems.
From what I can see it seems most people simply wear regular clothing.
I would bring a jacket though, since you never know, it might get chilly.
It’s always better to be able to take off an item than have nothing to put on if it gets cold.
Dress code or not, I would want to look good but casual to such an event.
This outfit would be perfect in my opinion. It’s a little sporty, a little casual and a little french.
A fitted blazer and fitted pants can look very formal but with a casual top and shoes you’ll go from formal to casual in no time.
I would also bring an umbrella, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
And probably some food and water.
My hubby loves tennis and always watch every tournament there is, via television.
I’m no sports person, but if I had to watch sports I would prefer winter sports.
If you’re going I hope you’ll have a great time and that the weather turns out the way you want it.
Happy French Open!
French Open