Lucky day

Today’s topic: Stripes.
Sometimes we need bright colors to brighten our day and green is a color that goes well with yellow, even though I rarely mix the two. Kinda look like it’s St. Pats already but we’re just being colorful. The topic today is stripes and while these are chevron stripes they’re still stripes. Read about the history of stripes, a very short version, here.Lucky day




How about this Diane Von Furstenberg blouse? I think it’s fabulous, love the color combo and the uneven stripes.
Pants by Selected Femme and tweed coat by Jean Paul Gaultier.
Multi colored boots from Pierre Hardy and a shopper tote from Anya Hindmarch.
The tote looks like it’s made to fit the blouse with the same uneven stripes in the same color combo.
I really like this outfit but I wish I had chosen a darker shade when it comes to the pants, just a wee bit darker.
Yesterday I promised you one more set but since I had just one visitor I figured one set would do.
We’ll see, maybe I’ll post a second set later today but this time I’m not making any promises:)
Happy weekend everyone!!

Less or Lux

And then we’re back home again after five awesome days at the cabin.
This set shows how you can copy Kendall Jenner’s look in this image.
I’ve included both an expensive outfit and a bargain outfit.
Personally I always go for the look for less option.
For the expensive look I’ve chosen a cotton-blend blazer overcoat from Ann Demeulemeester and leather leggings from Balenciaga. I can’t really tell whether Kendall is wearing a top or not but I would assume she is so I went for a leather bustier from Kiki de Montparnasse.
The over the knee boots are the eye-catching part of this look and I’ve chosen a suede pair from Gianvito Rossi. The bag is from 3.1 Phillip Lim.
The less bargain outfit is just as fabulous with a Pinko Black blazer and leggings from TopShop.
A bralette bra from Pieces and Latitude Femme boots. The bag is also from Pieces.
So, which look would you choose?
Less or Lux

Hello Sunshine

Hello sunshine, the beach is calling.
Good morning peeps, I’m having the time of my life as always at the cabin.
This morning I was up early and went out by the shore for some early morning meditation on the rocks.
Just perfect!
I was wondering what’s the English word for these type of rocks by the shore.
So according to the internet translating system it’s called ‘bare rock-face’.
I’m sorry but really? Not buying it!, That sounds strange.
If you have any clue what I’m talking about, please educate me:)
Hello Sunshine

Wild at Heart

We’re talking about animal print and the most popular animal print, at the moment, is leopard!
You can wear this print in what ever color you wish, it doesn’t have to be authentic.
I prefer animal inspired prints in any other color that the color of the actual animal!
Somehow it gets too bold for me.
To me the leopard print feels less bold in neon than it does in its natural color.
I don’t really know why, maybe it’s because of the 80’s. Leopard and cheetah prints still takes me back to the 80’s when animal prints were for old people only. Well, I was young back then so what I then considered to be old probably was not!
So to this day I still think of leopard print as a crazy old lady look. It’s probably why I prefer these prints in black and white, or in any color other than the color of the animal:)
This turquoise top is fabulous, and it looks laid back and casual paired with denim shorts.
Coral, or orange, looks great with this top.
A party of color, just what a leopard print outfit needs:)
Wild at Heart

What to Wear – be sure you have your Basics

Speaking of basics, what do you consider to be basics?
Here’s my list of basic items that I believe every girl should have in her closet.
I think my list is very basic (hihi) but I’ve added turtlenecks to the mix.
I love turtlenecks and I use them as basics. I need sleeveless ones and long sleeve ones in different colors. And off course I need thick, knitted ones to use as regular sweaters.
I use sleeveless turtlenecks underneath transparent items or items with a low neckline.
And if it’s cold I use the long sleeve ones underneath my sweater.
I find them perfect to both cover up and keep warm:)
Many basic lists have the little black dress but not the little white one, but recent years we’ve seen the little white dress coming back every summer so I’ve added it to my basic list.
Both the trench coat and the leather jacket never go out of style, and it’s always a life saver having the perfect white shirt and jeans available.
If I were to spend some extra money on an item I would choose to spend it on basics because these are items that never go out of style and that you’ll need for years to come.
So choosing quality when it comes to your basic wardrobe I believe is a good idea:)

My Pick of Pants

I love pants with prints and patterns!
I am aware that the yellow leggings below is backwards but their awesome anyways!
What’s your favorite?
I haven’t gotten around to buy myself some black and white striped pants yet but the other day I bought a shorts in the same style.
Finally I have my camera working so now I just need to figure out how to use it.
And when I do I’ll take some pictures for you….hopefully tomorrow:)My Pick of Pants