May this be a year better than the one left behind!First snow



White & blue

Today’s topic; White & blue.
What’s white and blue? The Finnish flag, for one. The blue house in the image below is the Mummi-house from the children’s books about  the Mummi valley. The house exists in real size in Nådendal in Finland. I’ve been to Finland many times but never to Nådendal. You can read about Mummi here. Another place in Finland I’ve never  been to is Rovaniemi, where Santa Claus lives. While we claim he lives in Drøbak, still I’ve always wanted to visit Rovaniemi in winter time. You can read about the Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi here. Meanwhile, I’m wearing white and blue in hope for a white, and a little blue Christmas.
White & blue


Pretty fringes

It’s been a great friday today. For the first time we’ve had Black Friday. It has existed online for a few years but this year a lot of the downtown shops introduced the idea. I don’t really see the point since we don’t have thanksgiving but who cares when it’s a perfect way to get the Christmas shopping done. And for a lot less. So I’ve been shopping but I hate it when there’s a crowd and you have to wait to use the changing rooms, but I survived it and I’m pleased with what I accomplished today.  Here’s the final tweed coat for today and this one I really love, actually I love the entire outfit. A great but muted color combo. Perfect for going shopping:)Pretty fringes


My magic fairytale

Today’s topic; Tweed Coats.
The coat trends are many and versatile this season and one of my favourites is the tweed coat. It’s warm and it looks fabulous. Tweed is a traditional fabric in English country clothing and is often used in menswear. The rough woolen fabric looks amazing whether you’re man or woman. This blue tweed coat is from Toast and the tweed was woven in a mill in Yorkshire, the traditional home of British cloth mills.
My magic fairytale


Desert dreams

Today I’m posting sets with dresses. And since colorblocking is a thing now I’ve chosen this beautiful colorblock pleated dress from Issey Miyake. Orange is part of the fall color palette, and it was chosen as color of the year in my part of the world.
I’m still doing three posts a day but it is not going to last. As soon as I’m up to date with my drafts I’ll go back to one or two a day.
It’s time to move into fall soon and by doing three posts a day I hope to get there sooner than later:)
Desert dreams


Red, white and blue

I made this set for May 17th, our national day here in Norway. But I forgot to post it.
So since we share colors with the Americans I figured I’d post it today on the 4th of July.
But then I actually made a 4th of July set for the very first time so today you’re getting a two for one:)
May 17th

Brick wall

A vest can be a great compromise this time of year, it’s not a coat but it does help keep you warm if you combine it with a knitted sweater.
 Fall 2014 brought shearling back in to the limelight, but its been around for decades.
Come join me for a trip down memory lane with these shearling ensembles, click here to join.
Brick wall