Blue Pumpkin

Blue Pumpkin



October leaves

I simply love this time of year. We’ve had an awful summer, when it comes to the weather, it’s been cold and rainy.
But the sun finally showed up and it’s been nice and sunny every single day in October, so far. It’s cold, freezing actually, but it’s sunny.
Up north the sun has probably left already and won’t be seen again until February or so. Beige is a good color for fall and it is fabulous when paired with black.
Cropped jumper from Valentino, skirt by Michael Kors, booties from Alexander McQueen, shoulder bag from Iala Diez and necklace from Forever 21.October leaves


Red velvet

Velvet is the new black, or something like that. I guess black is more at everyone’s liking than velvet. With velvet you either hate it or love it.
I’m kinda torn. Usually velvet acts like a dust cloth, attracting all the nearby dust. Or maybe I’ve gotten some low quality velvet on my hands. I do love this velvet top though, from River Island. But my fave fabric is suede, like in these platform sandals from Michael Kors. Laces are trendy and I’ve always been a fan of it. Whether on shoes or elsewhere.Red velvet


Orange & black

Orange is a color that fits the season well and this tartan skirt from Vivienne Westwood is casual and cool. The belt tie looks like a shirt wrapped around the waist and it gives the asymmetrical skirt a casual feel. Turtlenecks are my go to item for fall, and this cropped version is from Valentino.Orange & black


Festival ready

Festival season is upon us and it’s time to get festival ready.
Trends spotted this festival season are off-the-shoulder anything, bralettes, strappy sandals, long cardigans, slipdresses, shirt dresses, anything with ties, belts and bows, floaty tops, flared sleeves just to mention a few.
And then you have the festival staples like lace dresses, crochet, denim shorts, fringes,  floral prints, tie dye, anything 70s related.
And off course the rubber boots. Those are essential if you’re off to a festival in an area where the weather is unpredictable.
The outfit below is perfect if the weather is summer fabulous and stable, and if you’re going to an event that lasts for just a few hours.
For longer events I would suggest to bring a warm cardigan or even a raincoat.
Rule number one when it comes to festivals; always check the weather report and dress accordingly.
It doesn’t matter how great the festival is, if you’re cold and wet it ruins everything!
Festival ready



Today’s topic; UGGS.
UGGS is a unisex style boot made of sheepskin. It origins from Australia and/or New Zealand. They both claim to be first but who knows. We had a similar type of boot when I was a child, made by the Sami people. Anyways, these boots are both loved and hated. But they’re warm, and sometimes that’s the most important. Love the coat in this set, it’s from Valentino.


Colors & stripes

If you’re feeling down an instant way out of it is to put on a colorful outfit. It’s hard to stay sad in vibrant colors. Colors affects your state of mind, it’s a known fact and an often used one in our daily lives. From traffic lights to the colors chosen in hospitals. We tend to agree what the different colors symbolize, but did you know that once upon a time pink was a masculine color? Red was masculine and since pink was made from red it was also considered masculine. Even though most of us would agree that a man can wear pink we still consider it a feminine color. It just shows that taste is thought and we’re manipulated by what we’re told. What your told from an early age becomes your truth. If I get to tell you something it is that this is a cheerful and colorful striped dress that instantly will put you in a good mood, now you have to believe it! Anyways, I love this dress!Season stripes