Print & Passion

It’s all about the prints today. And in this outfit all items are printed. Might be too much for some, but I say why not! Asymmetric pleated skirt with print from Versus, samurai print t-shirt from Versace, pumps from Saint Laurent and a perfect for fall leaf clutch from Lizzie Fortunato. Looking closer I can see it’s supposed to resemble palm leaves, but what ever. Print & Passion



Zebra Fashion

Today I’m doing sets with animal prints. This first set is a bit in your face, but in my other two sets the animal print will be less obvious. Animal prints are made to resemble the pattern of the skin or fur of an exotic animal like leopard, tiger, cheetah, zebra, giraffe or something similar. The prints are used both in fashion and interior design. It’s been known as a sign of status, mostly due to the fact that animal fur were highly expensive and hard to come by. So for this reason it became a symbol of wealth and status. But today faux animal prints are just as popular and often prefered. People are more aware of the process from being the animal’s fur to becoming an animal print. It’s become trendy to be into animal welfare and care for species that are endangered. Faux fur and faux prints are therefore a fabulous choice and should be the only choice when  it comes to these matters, and it’s more affordable for us common folks. Though that reason alone is reason enough for some people to still want real fur. In fashion the print became popular in the late 60s, as a product of the Bohemian movement.Zebra Fashion



Just stopping by to wish everyone a great weekend.
What are you all up to this weekend?
My daughter is visiting with her boyfriend. They live out-of-town so it’s not often they come by, so I’m over the moon about it.
Maybe you’re going to a concert, or maybe you’re not.
I’m not, but if I was this is what I’d love to wear.
Happy Weekend y’all!Musical

Tricky Trend

Why not add a little bit of gold into your life. One should never miss a reason to shine!
This awesome golden sweater is from Forte Forte and it’s on sale at farfetch. com.
Skinny pants from Lala Berlin also available at
Spice up your outfit with a pair of black suede boots covered in studs. I’m so in love with these boots!!!
Sleeveless coats are still on top of my list but this faux fur version from Michael Kors is unfortunately out of stock.
And so is the clutch.
Tricky Trend

Candle light

I’ve had no time at all to update today and now I’m off to bed.
So before turning in I just want to wish everyone a Happy Advent!
And welcome December!!!!
And today it finally started snowing. Perfect timing!
I’m sitting here in the dark but it’s not so dark after all. The Christmas tree is lit up outside and in my window hangs a shining star and on the window sill a 7 arm chandelier.
And so it is in every window, in every home, just beautiful!!
Good night!
Candle light

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
The day has arrived, and I’m prepared.
We always have a bet going where we try to guess how many kids will stop by during the evening.
My guess was the winning guess last year with 4 kids trick or treating at our door.
 This year my bet is 3.
Every year Halloween starts a national debate and a lot of whining from adults.
Many adults complain about this imported event, it wasn’t around when we grew up so why do we need it now.
But culture is not static, it’s constantly evolving and changing. And Halloween is here to stay!
When today’s kids have their own kids they’ll want to pass on this event from when they grew up.
And the whiners will become older and older until they vanish.
I welcome any excuse to celebrate and make an otherwise regular day into something special.
A common complaint is that Halloween takes away our own tradition with going Julebukk during Christmas. But I highly doubt the reason kids no longer goes Julebukk has anything to do with Halloween. Kids does not come in to this world ready to go Julebukk, it’s the parents that needs to take the initiative and introduce the tradition. I’m sure kids will welcome it, who doesn’t want free candy?! And twice a year is better than once, I think most kids will agree.
Julebukk was very popular when I was a child. It’s an old costume where kids dress up and go door to door, when the door opens they sing a Christmas carol while holding a bag or bucket and they get candy.
When it comes to Halloween, you don’t need to buy into the commercialized part of the celebration. Wear what you have and make your own decorations. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for Halloween.
This set is a perfect example on how to dress up without much effort, by using clothes you already have.
If you buy a witch’s hat you’ll have it for years, the rest are items a lot of us already have in our closets.
You can also use make-up to tell the story you want.
However you go about it, I hope your day will be great and spooky!
Happy Halloween

Life is golden

There’s no escaping gold this season either.
Metallic seem to show up on the runway for every season, and this fall is no exception.
The metallic trend embraces several colors and hues. But gold, I would say, is a trend all on its own this fall.
This season the golden trend has a royal feel to it. The best look, in my opinion, is to pair black and gold together in a beautiful royal marriage.
Extravagant pieces in golden textures, abstracted design patterns, shimmery, all-golden and glittery are key-words for what you could spot on the runway for fall 2014.
Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Kenzo and Rochas were just a few of the designers that apparently agreed that life is golden.
Life is golden