Wardrobe classics

Every wardrobe needs the classic staples. I am all in favour of a good bargain but when it comes to the staples, I find it best to invest. If you go for quality the items can serve you for years. What are your wardrobe basics? My list of basics includes a white button down shirt, a pair of pumps, a pencil skirt, an envelope clutch. But also a turtleneck sweater, a blazer, ankle boots, a pair of jeans, an oversized bag, and probably a bunch of other stuff I fail to mention. As for good basic colors I would choose black, navy and grey.Wardrobe classics



Leather Jacket

One item that transition easily from summer to fall is the always trendy and versatile leather jacket.
You can wear it with more or less anything.
Today we’ve been downtown. We’ve been at the Opera house where there was an open house and all sorts of things going on.
It’s not really cold but it’s raining. A perfect day for a skirt with over-the-knee boots.
And going to the Opera house, open house or not, does require a nice outfit in my opinion.
Here I’ve picked a nice and warm skirt from Alice & Olivia, at least it looks warm.
The top is sadly out of stock. I love this chunky knit top from Fendi, with short sleeves, a standing collar and made from both wool and cashmere.
I really need to find a similar top!
Over-the-knee boots from Stuart Weitzman.
High boots are very trendy this fall, and so are knit, plaids, grey, A-line skirts and leather.
To follow the trends this fall you also need to put your hat on cause this season it’s all about the hat.
This wool Fedora is from Rusty Spic & Span Hat.
The leather jacket is from Only and very much affordable considering it is a leather jacket.
But you can just as well wear faux leather.
This season backpacks are making a comeback but this one is out of stock, but a part from this one and the top everything is still available for purchase.
I’m definitely going to get myself a similar outfit.
Tomorrow we’re leaving for home and have another long train ride to look forward to.
I’ll probably stop by later this evening for another update before heading to bed.
Wish everyone a fabulous Saturday night!
Leather Jacket

Work Wear

Nothing says work wear like the pencil skirt.
But it doesn’t have to be plain or boring, you don’t have to go for a black or grey pencil skirt.
Why not choose one in red with lovely white roosters?!
I don’t think these roosters will help you get up in the morning but at least they make sure you look good!
Red and white are a timeless combo and red details are very trendy right now.
The white top has a fitted waist, perfect together with the pencil skirt.
I love the colorblock shoulder bag! It looks fabulous with this outfit.
And the awesome necklace is on sale now, so it’s a bargain:)
Work Wear

Wardrobe Staples; Leggings

Leggings!! Most definitely a wardrobe staple and one of my fave items ever!!
 I’ve used them for years and never cared whether they were fashionable or not.
But like most things they have always come back and here they are again;)
My daughters always laughed at my houndstooth leggings and here they are as trendy as ever, even mine are a decade old :)
I like to wear leggings with a short dress, or a skirt when the temperature does not allow for bare legs.
And I like to wear them indoors when I have a lazy day, or when I’m sick.
Or I wear them  to oversized sweaters and high boots.
In my opinion they look best with a top that covers your crotch, no camel toes allowed!!Wardrobe Staples; Leggings

Gladiator sandals

The gladiator sandal never seem to go out of style. It feels like it’s been around since..ehh…well ancient time!
And frankly I don’t mind cause I love them!! Both the ankle high ones and the ones we’ve seen this season who embrace your knees.
This spring we also see extreme heels on  the gladiators as well as studded details.
Wardrobe Staples: Summer Sandals