Wardrobe classics

Every wardrobe needs the classic staples. I am all in favour of a good bargain but when it comes to the staples, I find it best to invest. If you go for quality the items can serve you for years. What are your wardrobe basics? My list of basics includes a white button down shirt, a pair of pumps, a pencil skirt, an envelope clutch. But also a turtleneck sweater, a blazer, ankle boots, a pair of jeans, an oversized bag, and probably a bunch of other stuff I fail to mention. As for good basic colors I would choose black, navy and grey.Wardrobe classics



Spooky Trench

Halloween is not a holiday we celebrate much, in fact Halloween is responsible for the most heated debates this time of year. The question is how you should respond to those who wants to celebrate it, should you simply shove your door in the kid’s faces? Or put up a sign saying ‘come back at Christmas (for julebukk) and we’ll be nicer to you!’ I find the entire debate ridiculous! If you don’t like Halloween then leave the door unanswered when the kids come knocking. If they do. The past two years we didn’t get anyone on our door, even though I had loads of candy waiting for them. A Facebook page called ‘ Stop the trick and treaters and get the Julebukk back’ has now over 150 000 members. It’s a lot for such a small country as ours. Julebukk is an old custom and very similar to the trick or treat one. Kids dress up and go door to door during Christmas week, when the door opens they sing a Christmas carol while holding a bucket. Yes they want candy, that’s what it’s all about:) Halloween is a very new event around here. And a lot of people don’t like American customs being copied. As for me, I love any occasion that allows me to decorate and do something special. We have enough ordinary days as it is! So I say, yes both please!Spooky Trench